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Latex Fetish Materials for your Erotic Fantasy

Latex has become an important fetish material, almost equivalent to the same bare skin for many of the lovers of this element. The latex can reproduce, model and change the essence of the body that takes it to the point of transforming and reinterpreting it, becoming a striking substitute for the skin for those who wear it. This effect becomes much more pronounced in a one-piece suit that eliminates any recognizable natural characteristic and refers the reality of whoever brings it to the textures, sounds and aromas of the material used.

Latex pieces can be combined with more classic elements such as corsets, garter belts, stockings and gloves causing them to have a very different effect than traditional lingerie. The colors achieved in the manufacture of this material, as well as the brightness of its appearance, they emphasize its artificiality, but at the same time its ability to adjust perfectly to the shape of the body, suggests a much more organic origin. It is in this contrast of visual stimuli, combined with the various characteristic sensory values, that lays the fetishists’ center of attraction for latex.

The fetishism of the garments is materialized in certain materials, rather than in the type of garment. That makes subtypes appear, for example, in materials such as leather, rubber, leather, latex and PVC.


Leather fetishism is the name it normally uses to describe sexual attraction to people dressed in leather, or to the garments themselves. The smell and sound of leather is often an erotic stimulus for people with leather fetishism. Leather uniforms can also become a fetish. The leather is sometimes finished with a shiny surface and manufactured in bright colors, serving as a sexual stimulation for leather fetishists. The feeling of wearing tight leather garments can be experienced as a form of bondage. The bondage equipment (usually) is made of leather straps.

The term “leather culture” was applied in the 60s in the gay-sadomasochistic community as an umbrella term for all alternative sexual practices. Pony fetish incorporates the use of riding accessories, adapted for humans.

Latex / PVC

The latex fetishism is the attraction to latex clothes or garments and is sometimes called “rubber fetishism”, because latex is a type of rubber. The fetishists of latex or rubber can refer to themselves as “rubberists”. There is a variety of latex fetishism that consists of the attraction to transparent rubber.

PVC fetishism is very closely related to latex fetishism and consists in the sexual attraction to bright plastic garments made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC, polyvinyl chloride), polyurethane or other similar materials manufactured by man. PVC can be confused with patent leather.

The fetishism of latex includes dressing clothes made of latex, seeing others with it on and having fantasies about wearing latex clothes, cat suits (full-body suits), hoods, divers and industrial garments. A very common icon of latex fetishism is the dominatrix dressed in a tight latex suit or a full body PVC suit.

PVC industrial clothing

Many sex toys like dildos and butt plugs are made of rubber or similar materials, and this may be a factor that contributes to this fetishism by rubber. Some fetishists have the so-called medical fetish or have sexual interest in klismafilia- medical gloves, latex catheters and condoms. Other fetishes may include disposable diapers and plastic underwear.

Latex is often associated with fetishism. These are the notions of exhibition and sensations (touch, hearing, smell), which take precedence. Latex can beautify the body, enhance it, and sublimate the forms. It is a fetishism that is called fetishism of adhesion. An attraction that could go back to childhood when the baby is reassured by the contact of rubber: nipples, pad, or layers.

Latex: SM trend

Note SM often goes with latex: When the mistress dresses in latex, it’s a way to enter a character. Combination second skins give the dominatrix a certain confidence and allow him to ‘show a sex appeal tenfold for the greatest satisfaction of the submissive fetishist.

In addition, the fetishism of latex is based on the idea of ​​compression, which molds, compresses, even locks. There are also integral combinations with doll masks (which completely erases the subject’s identity and relegates him to the “object” rank).

It should be noted that fetishism and SM do not necessarily go hand in hand. The followers of the fetish parties are not predominantly won by the SM world and the dominant / submissive games. In this case, it is the notion of exhibition that motivates the participants.

Inflatable and inflatable sleeping bag with cameras

Latex sleepsack bag is elaborated and robust. The outer layer of latex is made of 0.6 mm thick latex and the inner layer of 0.4 mm thick latex. The thicker outer latex layer ensures a resistance that is large enough that the sleeping bag when inflated fixes the body and does not expand further outwards.

The sleeping bag consists of two separate chambers, which can be inflated independently. One camera is below (on the back of the body), the other above (on the front of the body). Once both chambers are fully inflated, one is immobilized in the sleeping bag.

With the opening to access the sexual parts of man and woman for special rubber games. The sleeping bag is for her and for him. Manufacturers make the sleeping bag with latex belts 7 with enough eyelets and metal buckles, as well as metal and latex rings. The fabric is incorporated in the belts so that the eyelets cannot break the latex and support the tension.

On the left and right sides of each is the sleeping bag, a broad, thick latex tape that functions as much as a loop for attaching the latex strap. On the other hand, it is on the strap at the head and the foot ends with sturdy steel rings with a diameter of 6 cm.

The latex straps are firmly nailed to the sleeping bag, so the user can tie him to the rings and cannot escape. The sleeping bag has a robust zipper 3 on the back, which of course is backed with latex from the inside, so it does not have contact with the skin. The zipper is riveted on the top and bottom of the sleeping bag.

The sleeping bag ends on the feet with a standing part and on the neck with a standing collar (4 cm). The sleeping bag is easy and quick to inflate through the round latex tubes. The air can be expelled as quickly.

Experts recommend an electric pump with which the cameras are inflated in a short time. You can also order a corresponding pump when selecting the option.