Vampire Themed Penis Plug

Urethral Intercourse with Penis Plug: Be careful before Applying So far everything is going well. And there, in the heart of the action, the blockage, the horror! First you do not believe it, you try to get away but you realize, panicked, that your sex is stuck in the vagina of your partner! The panic and then the shame take over. How to reach emergencies in this position and announce that you are the victim of terrible penis captives? Do not worry; this nightmarish scene is unlikely to happen to you because if it is common in dogs whose penis is shaped like a “champagne cork”, it is very rare that the man cannot withdraw his sex of her partner’s vagina during intercourse. What is it? During a penis captive, the penis is retained by a powerful involuntary contraction of the perennial muscles. Located around the woman’s vagina these contracted muscles then prevent any withdrawal and maintain the erection. The vagina holds the penis. It is an abnormal and uncontrollable reflex, a kind of muscle spasm around the vagina. The same mechanism occurs in veganism’s, except that for the latter contraction of the vaginal musculature takes place before

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