How Princess Butt Plugs Can Make You More Attractive

The “Tree”, an inflatable Christmas tree by American artist Paul McCarthy installed on Place Vendôme, caused a scandal last week. The work, looking too much like an princess butt plug, was ransacked, and the artist attacked. But what is an princess butt plug, some wonder? We tell you more about this sex object. The functions of the princess butt plug His role ? The plug is more an accessory for preparing for anal penetration than an object of pleasure. Once inserted, it gradually relaxes the muscles around the anus. “It also aims to overcome the fear of anal penetration in certain people,” explains doctor Sylvain Mimoun, sexologist in Paris. When fear is tamed, penetration becomes commonplace and sexual partners can listen to their pleasure. ” The princess butt plug is then used in particular to reach a sensitive area around the prostate. Through the anus, the plug touches this periprostatic region by filling it completely. It can also be used: as a dildo when inserted into the anus or vagina for stimulation and arousal; by a single person who keeps it on him while he engages in other activities, even in the presence of others, in order to

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