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Swing sutra: Positions to enjoy the sexual swing

If you want to break with the routine in an extreme but fun way and you are also looking for pleasure while you do, with this incredible toy you will unleash passion and achieve great orgasms. Sex is intensity and madness, enjoy it without taboos. Want to know what is a sex swing then follow this article.

What are erotic swings?

The erotic swings are a sex toy with a mechanism based on strings and strings that make the person or people who are up on the swing stay in the air while creating sexual postures that you cannot perform elsewhere. This toy will unleash your imagination recreating the positions of the Kama Sutra. Yes! That you have seen that you like so much is much easier to realise with the purchase of the sex swing. One of the most pleasurable sexual practices to perform in the erotic rhythm is oral sex. The swing will drive you crazy.

For lovers of bondage

Suspended sex is undoubtedly one of the most exciting practices to start in BDSM, with which couples discover new options to break the routine.

Different models of sexual swings

In an online sex shop online you can find two models of erotic rhythms, depending on your needs:

Removable erotic rhythm: this model is ideal for those couples who live for rent or with people at home, since disassembling it is very fast, and nobody has to see it. It is also straightforward to save; you avoid making holes in the roof and have the swing fixedly. They usually buy the demountable swings, new people who do not have much experience with this toy and want to try the pleasure it can give them. You have to keep in mind that the movement in this model is more limited, but on the contrary, it takes much less space. Neither do they need additional installation, only one door is needed since it is placed in it utilising a system of straps for its fastening.

Fixed sexual swing: it is the complete swing, it is highly recommended for those couples who have an erotic room ready or live alone at home, and there will be no one to bother them. This model can find it or hang directly from the ceiling, so you have to drill the roof to stay attached. Or the other version that looks like a children’s swing that holds the straps with steel tubes, so they offer greater stability. Although this type of sexual rhythm can be dismantled, it is much more expensive than the removable swing, in addition to which, for example, the one that hangs from the roof will leave the designated hole.

The trampoline: It is important to note that apart from the swings as such, there are other similar alternatives. An example is a sexual trampoline, a model similar to a seat that facilitates new postures in a way similar to how a swing does but with greater ease of assembly.

Suggestions on how to use the swings to make love

Here you will see several tips on how to use sex swings if you are a first-timer:

Open the box, and before mounting the erotic rhythm read the instructions thoroughly, so you know how to install them and the maximum weight that holds, each model supports a different weight. They usually consist of three straps, one with which the legs are attached, another to lift the body below the buttocks and another that raises the back.

In Erotic World, you can find this toy for adults of high quality made of soft materials and quilted that will not cause any chafing and will be much more comfortable to use. They are usually made with nylon and neoprene.

And now you only have to enjoy your erotic swing and start studying the Kama Sutra.

The most romantic postures to make love

There are times when your sex life screams for a little more romanticism. And is that although every time we see more erotic toys and new sexual practices many people prefer to be classic.

But, and now experts has proved to you, that’s not synonymous with being bored in bed. Many times the most straightforward positions for lovemaking are the ones that give us the most pleasure especially if you maintain sex with your partner. There are hundreds of sexual postures that you could recommend you to make sex with your boy (or girl) better but here are best positions to make love and that you feel 100% the best of your relationship on the swing bed.

And there is nothing sexier than to stare into the eyes of the other person and take the sexual relationship more calmly; since it is shown that the emotional connection with the partner exponentially increases the number and quality of orgasms. When there is a spiritual connection, the pleasure tends to prolong, and thus we get more protracted and much more fun sex. 

Many studies confirm these claims, but above all, we can show you some of the sexual habits that couples have that make them much happier. The first of all is an active sex life and is that they do not need much motivation for that because any time is right to make love. Saying the magic words like “I love you” will be enough to make you want to practice the best sexual postures as your desire increases in a matter of seconds. 

Sex is always done calmly and time since giving pleasure to the other person will still be a priority of both: so you need totalk about deep sexual relationships. Also not usually demanding and is that you do not need huge sex to enjoy the couple. One of the great secrets of happy couples is that they only have sex if they both want to, that is, they should not feel obligated or pressured to make love if the other person does not feel secure or willing at that moment.

Some of the best lovemaking postures: take note

The seesaw: with your legs crossed and leaning back on your hands and you’re sitting on it. With a calm rhythm and a contained and constant penetration, everything will go smoothly. Besides, you will be seeing the eyes of your boy (or girl) in front of you so that feelings and complicity will flourish more easily.

The siren: the balance will be the basis for this posture to make love. Practising in a chair is always an incentive, but if you also let you slide back on your legs, we assure you that the pleasure will be higher. One of the most romantic postures to make love is what is called as “The boys to a side “: lie down with the head of the do and let your boy put one leg between yours and the other support. While you can caress your back, even gently massage your arms, legs a real pleasure!

The padlock: This is one of the most fun love positions! While you sit on a flat surface, your boy will be standing in front of you while you surround his booty with your legs, hence the name of the posture. You can kiss passionately and maintain the rhythm that you like most besides being able to talk, say things in your ear and especially see the face of your partner’s pleasure. The rock and roll: it is one of the sure bets of our proposal of postures to make love well. It is one of the positions that will get you to the highest point of sexual relations: the climax. Lying on a surface with your legs up and letting them fall on your boy’s neck he will be able to observe each one of your movements and the gestures of your face. It will enchant you to see how you enjoy.