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Familiar things that can replace sex toys or Dildos

To get pleasure, imagination is enough, but these products will help you without leaving you a dollar.    

The body is already equipped with everything necessary to obtain pleasure. No need to add anything else in your anatomy if what you want is to reach the climax. With getting out of the daily stress, the routine and putting together a common space free of schedules can give a considerable qualitative leap in your relationships. If you also add an object, a plus, the experience will be more complete.

To achieve that extra tool, you do not have to leave the house. In your private corner, you have some objects that, without having such a purpose, can be used as erotic toys. You must adapt, however, a series of precautions that achieve their unforeseen objective without causing secondary damage. The products of a specific store are 100% designed for that, but not those of your home, there are many tutorials and a lot of personal imagination to imagine how to use them, but sometimes you have to have some necessary measures. They can be delightful as long as the logic of hygiene and common sense is respected, and there are usually no problems.

In the following list, there is an advance of some ideas for those who throw themselves into the amateur before leaping the professional: These ordinary items can give a lot of pleasant moments. Only use them carefully and do not forget about hygiene.

  1. Electric toothbrush

An electric toothbrush is one of the best alternatives to the vibrator. The main thing is to wash it thoroughly before use (even better – use a new one). And of course, it is not necessary to brush her teeth, if she has become a part of your intimate life.

  1. Telephone

This is another replacement for a vibrator. Turn on the app that makes it vibrate and let the whole world wait. Just do not forget to clean the surface of the phone.

  1. Whisk for dust

Cleaning device can be a great addition to the prelude. Try to stroke or tease your partner (clean!) With a broomstick – pleasant sensations are guaranteed.

  1. Silicone Spatula

Together with the previous item, this item is perfect for BDSM and also one of the best dildo alternatives. Use the spatula for light slaps, alternating with mild strokes, and a hot sex game will come out.

  1. Fruits, vegetables and other foods

Fruits such as bananas or vegetables such as cucumber are objects that can be used as a dildo, but two essential factors must be taken into account: one is size, which is adapted to your limits, and another is protection. In another term, fruits or vegetables that are not used directly as elements of genital stimulation do work as supplements: chocolate, cream, and caramel. But, whatever it is, always keep in mind that everything is clean, that it cannot be broken and that a condom is put in the way of a steriliser, contact with the genitals can lead to tears, cystitis or irritation.

  1. Mobile or washing machine

Who has not been startled by the tickling of the mobile vibrating in your pocket? Yes, that way can also have a unique role in the erogenous zones; it is a way of supplying a vibrator. Of course, the phone only has a vibration speed, it does not have the ergonomic silhouette of concrete toys, and its functions are so varied that it is necessary to be clear that the camera’s tabs, calls or messages are not open. To see if you issue a less desired delivery than those who arrive at spam. The idea is to introduce elements that seem suggestive, that give us morbid. The example of moving or sitting on the running machine is valid provided that two fundamental aspects are taken care of, in order of importance: electric current, you will not have such an electrifying orgasm and the possibility of having any allergies to plastic or metals.

  1. Shower

In itself, it is already a pleasant activity. Letting hot waterfall down the back or changing the pressure and temperature to relax or wake up is a joy at our fingertips. Also, the shower is the most used accidental dildo. Directing the jet of water towards the genital areas causes intense and delightful sensations. The biggest drawback – apart from environmental spending – has to do with the imbalance between the vagina and anaerobic bacteria or, what is the same, the drivers of infections in the genital areas. The shower watering can is, perhaps, the most known house assistant in female masturbation. The main thing is to ensure that the water gets on the clitoris, and not in the vagina. Otherwise, there is a risk of spoiling health.

  1. Hairbrush

A brush with soft bristles is one of the fundamental elements to stimulate the sensitive areas of the body. ‘Combing’ the back or the inside of the thighs can be a good start to continue massaging manually or even to end up introducing the handle in the holes of our body. In this sense, the precautions are similar to those of fruits or vegetables: cover with condoms, take care that there is nothing sharp and, as the specialist in erotic toys points out, never forget that all objects must be used in combination with lubricants, in this way each experience is the most pleasant, free from friction or possible irritation. Also, the most recommended are those made from water, since those formulated with oil or Vaseline may increase the risk of infections or damage latex condoms.

  1. Belt, sheets or ties

In addition to new positions or places, the curiosity of including erotic paraphernalia in relationships provides a dose of lust. Ties, belts or sheets are suitable for tying, tightening or gagging, but always taking special care not to dangerously alter blood flow or prevent necessary actions such as breathing. Specialist in sexuality contemplates two main activities in the sexual game with these objects: sensory deprivation (covering the eyes or ears) and immobilisation (handcuffing, paralysing a part of the body) and advising to carry out the session ascending. Always, he argues, you have to start from less to more, put practical limits, make it clear how far we can go and do nothing until we are sure that, under no circumstances, something unexpected can happen.