How vampire fetish is associated to BDSM

What Exactly Is a Vampire Fetish? Vampire fetish is a fantasy fetish that many people have, but there’s more to it than what you’d imagine. In fact, many immediately think about fetishes related to consuming blood and biting. But it’s not always about that. Blood doesn’t even need to be the focus, but we’ll get into that later.   So, what is this fetish all about then? The vampire fetish is an umbrella term. Some people with this fetish are drawn to the vampire lifestyle only, for example. Others don’t really commit to it that much. The vampire fetish may be something they occasionally enjoy during sex or BDSM plays, and that’s it. So, if you think vampires are sexy and want to explore these feelings, stick around while we explain all things vampire fetish. Vampires Aren’t Real — So How Do They Do It? But if vampires aren’t real, how did this become a fetish in the first place? The answer lies in mythology and popular culture. Vampires are mysterious beings that drink blood, are nocturnal, and powerful. At this point, we know that many people find anything dark and mysterious sexy. However, all of us have

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