Why Women Love Vampires

There are countless stories about vampires, and these fantasy creatures have been around for quite some time. The reason for their popularity is how incredible they can be. Whether you are into Anne Rice novels, “True Blood,” or just looking for a bad boy, you can be sure that vampires have it all.  Supernatural Attractiveness We’ve seen countless movies and TV shows about vampires, and there are a couple of traits that apply to all of these mythical creatures. Vampires come from Slavic mythology, and they are undead creatures. They feed on the blood of their victims, and they usually only appear during the night.    Of course, a lot has changed since the first vampire myth from the Balkans. It was in the early nineteenth century that we saw sophisticated creatures that we love today.    One of the first things we know about vampires is that they don’t age. Unlike original vampires we saw in the mythology, modern ones are gorgeous. They possess supernatural attractiveness, which makes them irresistible to everyone.  If we consider what traits women look for in their potential partners, it is more than obvious that vampires have it all. And in abundance!

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