Vampire Inspired Male Chastity Device

The Male chastity guide: All Secrets you should know A new trend is gaining strength in the sex toy market for men; the belts are for different reasons such as camouflage or wood. When speaking of chastity belts, one usually thinks of devices created to restrict sexual desire and ensure women’s fidelity once their husbands or lovers are away from them. Nowadays, these devices have a completely different meaning, and their use is a growing trend among men. Although they are designed to deny self-stimulation and free sexual contact, they are far from that concept of restricting the desire to consider it sinful, or only dirty. The company is responsible for developing the line of belts CB-X, used to improve the sexual life of its users through a practice known as a denial of orgasm, in which the man is of submissive tendency and gives control of his pleasure to your partner. The website of CB-X explains it very well: “Male chastity belts are devices that make it impossible for man to touch his genitals to obtain sexual pleasure. The user gives the ‘key holder’ control over his sexual satisfaction … the ‘key holder’ has complete control over

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