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There are countless stories about vampires, and these fantasy creatures have been around for quite some time. The reason for their popularity is how incredible they can be. Whether you are into Anne Rice novels, “True Blood,” or just looking for a bad boy, you can be sure that vampires have it all. 

Supernatural Attractiveness

We’ve seen countless movies and TV shows about vampires, and there are a couple of traits that apply to all of these mythical creatures. Vampires come from Slavic mythology, and they are undead creatures. They feed on the blood of their victims, and they usually only appear during the night. 


Of course, a lot has changed since the first vampire myth from the Balkans. It was in the early nineteenth century that we saw sophisticated creatures that we love today. 


One of the first things we know about vampires is that they don’t age. Unlike original vampires we saw in the mythology, modern ones are gorgeous. They possess supernatural attractiveness, which makes them irresistible to everyone. 

If we consider what traits women look for in their potential partners, it is more than obvious that vampires have it all. And in abundance! They spent centuries educating themselves, perfecting their craft. They are stunning, and they have more than enough money. 


In many versions, vampires possess all the traits women desire, which is why the modern stories about these creatures of the night are so popular. Just take a look at the “Twilight” vampires and the popularity this franchise had in such a short time. 

1. Immortality

A lot of women are into men around their age. But, it isn’t rare to see a girl married to an older guy. Of course, it isn’t wrinkles and back pain that ladies are attracted to. The majority of people will assume that a guy is rich if they see him with a younger woman by his side. And vampires know a lot about wealth. 


They had years and years to accumulate resources, and it is relaxing being with someone and not having to think about the future. Just think of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. The guy had his own castle! 

In addition, being immortal means that you can do anything you like. So, you won’t need to worry about hurting him or anything else. He is experienced, sophisticated, and he will live forever. But more importantly, he will keep his youthfulness until the end of time. You won’t need to worry about how he will look in a couple of years since his appearance won’t change a bit. 


This way, a woman can get both the money and the looks. Of course, we don’t say that ladies love vampires just because of their wealth, but let’s be honest, it is a nice thing to have.

2. Formidability

Vampires are formidable enemies. They are more than capable of protecting their children. It is in our subconscious to look for a way to prolong our bloodline. And it is an interesting topic. It doesn’t matter if the person wants to have children at all. They will still look for a potential mate and someone with good genes. 


Our brains are wired in that way, and you can see why vampires are so popular. They are immortal, they are fierce warriors, and the only thing that can kill them is a sharp stake through the heart (sometimes even that is not enough). 


All of this shows that a vampire will be capable of keeping their offspring safe and that there are no reasons to worry. Oh, and did we mention that vampires have super strength? And of course, if we want to look at biology even further, large canine teeth are a sign of dominance across the entire mammalian world. 

It seems that they have it all — both the brains and the beauty. So, it is rather obvious why they can be irresistible to ladies. 

3. They Like the Night Life

In the majority of stories, sunlight is deadly for vampires. If a vampire gets exposed to direct sunlight, they will turn to ash in just a few seconds. That is why these creatures spent their days sleeping, and they are active during the night. 


Vampires will rarely chase their victims since their charm and magnetic personality will be more than enough for people to approach them on their own. And they love every second of it. If you are looking for someone who can party, vampires are the right answer. 


Their experiences through ages, knowledge, and ways to have fun make them unique and stunning. It seems obvious why the majority of ladies would love to find one for themselves. It is a dream come true. If you think about it, vampires are perfect in every single way. And the only things a girl would need to sacrifice for this relationship are long walks on the beach and watching sunsets.