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Urethral Intercourse with Penis Plug: Be careful before Applying

So far everything is going well. And there, in the heart of the action, the blockage, the horror! First you do not believe it, you try to get away but you realize, panicked, that your sex is stuck in the vagina of your partner! The panic and then the shame take over. How to reach emergencies in this position and announce that you are the victim of terrible penis captives?

Do not worry; this nightmarish scene is unlikely to happen to you because if it is common in dogs whose penis is shaped like a “champagne cork”, it is very rare that the man cannot withdraw his sex of her partner’s vagina during intercourse.

What is it?

During a penis captive, the penis is retained by a powerful involuntary contraction of the perennial muscles. Located around the woman’s vagina these contracted muscles then prevent any withdrawal and maintain the erection. The vagina holds the penis. It is an abnormal and uncontrollable reflex, a kind of muscle spasm around the vagina. The same mechanism occurs in veganism’s, except that for the latter contraction of the vaginal musculature takes place before penetration.

Is this common?

A case of penis intercourse was reported, in a letter from the very serious British Medical Journal in 1947. Earlier, stories from the middle Ages report that lovers would have been stranded for hours, released only by prayers and buckets of cold water. The phenomenon is extremely rare!

Why you need penis plug?

If the stress can be exciting, it can also exceptionally cause these contractions involuntarily prolonged. The phenomenon, so infrequent, has never really been studied by medicine.

What if it happens really?

There is a gesture that can unblock the situation. It must therefore be attempted before calling the fire department. The gesture that décoince is a digital rectal examination. It’s a matter of putting a finger in the anus of his partner and pull back slightly. If it breaks a little the atmosphere of the report, it has the advantage of being effective because it causes reflex relaxation of the muscles of the perineum. It is a little the same principle as to put a limb in extension to attenuate a cramp. You can make the gesture with a plastic glove or your partner can do it herself. If this solution does not work, the doctor will do it to unlock the position! He can also solve the problem through the injection of a muscle relaxant i.e. a drug that relaxes the muscles.

Myth or reality

Very few cases of “penis intercourse” have been reported except on the internet and on the medical journals where many fantasies are told by Internet users who imagine their sex, supposedly disproportionate, get stuck in the body of their partner. These testimonials are difficult to take seriously. It is the spectacular and rare aspect of the phenomenon that makes it fascinating. Any urban legend has a reason to be and that of penis intercourse seems to punish infidelity within a couple. The infidel found himself “trapped” by his fault. The penis intercourse is more myth than reality.

But what is the idea of penis plug or penis intercourse? For those who have had dogs, they will not fail to note, during some copulation, the rushed departure of the female while the male remained hooked. From a bucket of cold water the affair was settled; but if the chaste eyes were relieved, the fantasies themselves went well.

Yet what is true for the dog – called docking or knotting – is not for the man, as his penile physiology is different. In animals, the free and visible end of the penis is essentially formed by its glans, whose peculiarity is to have an erectile bulb on its back which, when inflated, fixes the glans in the vagina of the female to the protrusion. Let’s agree that we are not dogs and go back to our human history.

Remember our first time, this worry about daring to contract our vagina, trying to suck and, who knows, to trap this penis so new. As for men, remembering for example having, kids, put their heads between bars without being able to free themselves, many are worried about being trapped during this first coitus.

To Discover Test of Yourself!

What are your received ideas in sexuality?  In terms of sexuality, we say, we read and hear a lot of things, including many received ideas. And these often complicate our sex life! What do you know about desire and pleasure male and female? Test your knowledge!

Moreover, if the risk lurks, what is not imagined treatment! The solution would be first to wiggle to your phone to call the fire department. Waiting for them to arrive, break the door, get into the ambulance, and then retransfer to a hospital consultation table, all while you are still glued to each other. Wait until an experienced doctor decides to put his little finger.

Or in the anus of madam, supposedly to relax the levator muscle of the anus, supposed involuntarily contracted, and this for an infinite time, while all the cramps that the body knows, including of epileptic origin, usually last less than ‘one minute.

What a wonderful construction straight out of the imagination! It once again draws attention to the fear of men and women about the possible feminine voracity. On this vagina that, like a mouth, could grip and bite as his desire would be insatiable. Before experiencing the new fantasies first have a clear idea about what is penis plug, like lust plugs, and what are the pros and cons of it.

In Conclusion: Word of the Experts and Doctors

Making love also requires leaving the family to love elsewhere, which generates, for some, a sense of guilt that reinforces the fear of this first time and fantasize the fatal penalty. But do we face the impossibility of such a situation: have you ever managed to keep your spouse’s sex in you without clutching his legs when he did not want to? And have you experienced many erections in anguish? You must have all the answers clear in your mind. For experiencing the new heavenly sensation you must take expert advice and also consult a doctor if you have any after effect.