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The Male chastity guide: All Secrets you should know

A new trend is gaining strength in the sex toy market for men; the belts are for different reasons such as camouflage or wood. When speaking of chastity belts, one usually thinks of devices created to restrict sexual desire and ensure women’s fidelity once their husbands or lovers are away from them.

Nowadays, these devices have a completely different meaning, and their use is a growing trend among men. Although they are designed to deny self-stimulation and free sexual contact, they are far from that concept of restricting the desire to consider it sinful, or only dirty.

The company is responsible for developing the line of belts CB-X, used to improve the sexual life of its users through a practice known as a denial of orgasm, in which the man is of submissive tendency and gives control of his pleasure to your partner.

The website of CB-X explains it very well: “Male chastity belts are devices that make it impossible for man to touch his genitals to obtain sexual pleasure. The user gives the ‘key holder’ control over his sexual satisfaction … the ‘key holder’ has complete control over his partner’s pleasure.” By the tone of this statement, it can be observed that you won’t be scammed with cock cages.

They come in three models: the CB 6000S, the CB 3000 and the CB 6000; they vary in size; they are made of the best quality plastic and can be found with camouflage and wood patterns or completely transparent. Its cost starts at the US $ 150 and, it should be added, that the CB 6000S received the recognition of “fetish product of the year” 2018.

Another aspect to highlight this type of device is that its use goes beyond sexual gratification. Some users say that after carrying this device for months, has generated changes in the behaviour. He feels he lost the need to confront his wife concerning any matter and that the emotional bond with her has been significantly strengthened.

How to choose BDSM accessories

At the beginning of the advent of BDSM toys, many did not take them seriously. Some considered them for expensive exotics, while others were just too shy to declare out loud about their desire to try something of this kind of toy. Today, every self-respecting sex boutique has in its range a variety of different accessories for BDSM, and statistics say that every second person with great pleasure uses such devices (perhaps even at the moment), and every first person thinks about it, wanting to embody his erotic dreams come true.

Sexologists say that this attribute has a positive effect on the health of the body. You have probably heard that our intimate life is closely related to everyday life, and moreover, the success of the latter largely depends on the first. BDSM toys provide a guarantee that you can look at your regular partner in a completely different way, thereby opening your eyes to the world of incredible erotic fantasies that you have not experienced or were afraid to experience before.

Are you ready to diversify your sex life with new elements?

Pain and pleasure – this is how you can easily describe the direction of BDSM. Opening for ourselves a new sexual world, we become slaves to our whims and desires. Is it bad? Interesting, but the fact is that over the years we are increasingly turning to the past, adopting the traditions and rituals of previous generations.

What is BDSM?

BDSM – Bondage, Domination / Discipline, Sado-Masochism – sexual coercion with violence, the essential attributes of which are chains and whips. The actor usually receives sexual satisfaction from the humiliation of another or vice versa. The philosophy of BDSM is the inequality of the rights of partners in sexual intercourse. One is the master; the second is his servant or slave.

The direction of BDSM-toys in the private shop, like lockthecock.com, is a specially designed type of accessories for people who are not afraid to experiment in their intimate life, and at the same time are ready to receive a lot of new pleasures and incredible sensations. The “Sado-Mazo” attributes (BDSM) will help you to show your power or to completely obey your partner during sexual intercourse, thus allowing him to translate his (and at the same time your) erotic fantasies into reality. Moreover, you must remember BDSM is the central part of the male chastity guide.

The main types of BDSM accessories

 Toys BDSM directions have a fairly large arsenal. Toys are divided into four main types:

  • There are devices with electro-stimulation;
  • Wearable accessories – masks, gags, collars, chastity belts;
  • Accessories for BDSM games – scourge, stacks, floger;
  • Body fixers – all kinds of handcuffs, ribbons for fixing, girdles, chains for arms and legs, bondage body, as well as kits for binding and fixing.

As a rule, each buyer combines several BDSM toys for their imagination, relying on their taste, but you need to check the recommendations and make it easier for you to choose accessories! The variety of goods BDSM will surprise you, and the pleasure of using the above toys will not keep you waiting. But you can be sure of one thing – an unforgettable pleasure is guaranteed!

BDSM accessories subcategories

Electro-stimulators -This is a particular subcategory of goods, the so-called elite of BDSM accessories. The basic principle of action is the stimulation of nerve endings with small electrical discharges. You have not tried this and have not experienced it. Remember how much time you spent searching for the most sensitive erogenous point of your body? Now, this is not necessary, the device will do everything for you, and you need to choose the mode of action! We want to immediately note that all methods are safe for human health and are created solely for sensual pleasure. In this subcategory of the product, you will find devices that are designed to stimulate both partners simultaneously or devices to encourage one partner. Here you can see the “Love under Voltage” digital stimulator, electrical stimulators in the form of plugs, dildos, eggs, sex electrodes.

Collars are one of the most popular BDSM toys. The necklace is an attribute of the subject partner in the sexual game. It symbolises submission and submission. Sublimation of the psychological and physiological state at the time of wearing the collar gives a striking effect! And role-playing games with a collar allow you to immerse yourself in a completely different world of sexual pleasure!

Of particular popularity are collars with metal inserts and elements. These are chains, rings, spikes and rivets. And some models will please their owners with rhinestones! Collars are fixed on the neck with a standard fastener, as in belts or some models with a zipper! It is possible to adjust the size of the diameter of the collar with a clasp. Necklaces are usually made of genuine leather, but there are models made of leatherette and fabric.