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Sex dolls for men: how to choose and have sex with a rubber woman?

Modern manufacturers of intimate toys for adults offer hundreds of different products for women, the number of products for men is much smaller. And the most popular of them are realistic sex dolls. But such can completely replace the representatives of the stronger sex partner. The rubber economy and premium class friends unconditionally obey their master and agree to everything that many women consider impermissible in sex. One more plus – sex dolls for men can be changed at will and almost every night to spend with a different partner, be it a hot blonde, a sultry brunette, a miniature mulatto or a delicious fat woman.

Some resort to the help of rubber girlfriends due to the temporary absence of a real girl, others prefer to have constant sex with them, which will always go according to the desired scenario. And premium class dolls do an excellent job, because they do not just vaguely resemble a female body, they copy it completely – realistic hair, detailed traits of the face, a variety of poses that they can take. True for such a beauty will have to pay tens and even hundreds of thousands of rubles, but the buyer is guaranteed to be satisfied. How to choose from such a wide range of their only and how to properly use a sex doll, we will tell in this article.

How did sex dolls appear?

The question of self-satisfaction of men in the absence of women has been acute throughout human history. Sources claim that the sailors, who conquer the sea for weeks and months, were, not content only with masturbation, but resorted to tricks. Even a bag full of hay could replace a woman on a ship. And although he had nothing to do with the fair sex, he did an excellent job with his task and relieved sexual tension, which was the main goal.

Many may be surprised and even shocked, but the fact that Adolf Hitler marked the beginning of the whole industry for the production of sex dolls remains a fact. The first rubber girlfriend was not made of rubber at all, it was made of especially plastic, she was fair-haired, had white skin and even the name Borghild. This child of the successful experiments of the Danish doctor was supposed to protect German soldiers from viral diseases and preserve the purity of the Aryan race. However, it all ended with the war, when the Allied army destroyed a doll factory.

In the second half of the 20th century, in different parts of the world, manufacturers of sex toys again take up the idea of ​​creating a “perfect” girlfriend for the night for men, able to replace a real woman. During this period, the sex doll has come a long way – from ugly vinyl and unsafe products to realistic beauties, striking in their similarities and price.

How do and what are the dolls for sex?

What are sex dolls? Today in the sex shop you can buy yourself an inexpensive girlfriend for emergency cases or one who can completely replace a woman in bed. The main thing is to prioritize and make the right choice.

Although inflatable dolls for men belong to the “old” school, they are still popular today. The secret of their success is the lowest price on the market, since sex dolls are made from durable and elastic rubber or vinyl, which are relatively inexpensive materials. Unfortunately, the products cannot boast a realistic body, but they have all the necessary holes for pleasure – an artificial mouth, vagina and anus. Most of them have the printed face of a popular model or adult film actress. Buying such, it is worth taking care of two things. The first is to check with the sales assistant if the pump is included in the kit, if not, and then you need to purchase it separately. The second is to find out how the doll actually looks like, because the product does not always correspond to the photo on the package, and the disappointment may be too great.

If you have a question like do sex dolls help with loneliness then you should know Silicone sex dolls are much more realistic than the above, because have a 3D model of the face, a shock of fluffy hair and even eyelashes. Their breasts, vagina and anus also have more similarities with real ones. Medical silicone is gentle and pleasant to the touch. With such a friend, you can try different positions in bed, because parts of the body of some can move as you need. The cost of such friends in full growth begins from 20 thousand dollars.

Sex dolls from cyber skin are considered to be the best mistresses, because they are an exact copy of women. The unique material Cyber Skin exactly replicates the human skin by sensation and appearance. Inside this doll is hidden dense core, which adds practicality and realism to the product due to its weight. And although cyber skin quickly adopts body temperature, some models are equipped with a self-heating function. For greater enjoyment, powerful vibro-elements with several modes of vibration are hidden in their intimate holes. Dolls are made both in full growth, and already in certain positions, for example, in the popular doggie-style.

Premium products cost hundreds of thousands of rubles, as they make sex dolls manually, which allows for maximum realism. And although luxury goods are also made of medical silicone or cyber skin, feelings during sex with such a sex doll are not inferior to the present. After all, all the skin, the anatomical structure of the holes, the hair, the detailed face, and the female body is reliably repeated. They can be changed as they wish, seated or stacked in different positions, because all their limbs are mobile, and some models can also talk, pleasing their owner with sweet moans during sex.

How to choose and buy a sex doll?

If you decide to buy, but do not know how to buy a sex doll, for you, below are some tips that will help with the choice.

  • Decide what type of product you need. You can look for a girlfriend for a short time or a companion who will appease you for months and more.
  • Calculate the budget. Still, buying sex dolls women require considerable investments, but are you ready to pay more for realism?
  • Explore the range. It is not necessary to buy the first available. In sex shops there are a variety of models that can easily replace the woman of your dreams only because they have the desired body composition, favorite hair or eye color, or even the face of a popular porn actress.
  • If anonymity is important to you in the first place, and you decide to buy a sex doll in an online store, then it would be right to turn to a regular sex shop for a start. There you can touch the materials and literally feel the difference between the models. It is possible that a trip to a local sex shop will play a decisive role in your choice.

Choose a doll not only in appearance, but also in content. It is important to consider how many holes the product has, whether they are realistic, whether there is a vibro-mechanism inside the toy, whether a pump is included in the kit, after all, in what language the accompanying instruction is.

How to use and have sex with a resion doll?

If you have become the happy owner of a doll for men, do not rush to carry her to bed. After all, to start it, like any intimate product must be prepared.

So, before you have sex with a rubber sex doll, wash it. To do this, you can use a clean cloth moistened with warm soapy water or a special antiseptic for intimate toys. Pay special attention to intimate holes. Do not use boiling water or alcohol solution for this you can risk spoiling the product.

Do not inflate the doll to the limit, because during sex it may simply burst. Therefore, each product has its own weight limits, please read them. For the same reason, you should not risk and use sexual positions that create maximum pressure on the product.

When the sex doll is ready, grease her intimate areas with lubricant abundantly. Choose a lubricant that is compatible with the material of the product, you will help sales assistant.

The most practical option for sex with a doll is to use a condom. This is hygienically correct and safe if someone used a toy before you.

After sex, the procedure for cleaning the doll must be repeated. Make sure that there are no traces of lubricant in the intimate holes.