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What are the Best Table Sex Positions to Enjoy with your Partner?

In bed it is getting boring but surely a bit boring? Sex on the table can bring a lot of variety in your love life in no time! Hot, wild, and somehow wicked – that’s how you imagine sex on the table in general. Have you ever tried it? No? Maybe you missed something! Here you can read how to enjoy the special variety of Table sex positions and why it can be so damn hot.

Furniture quickie: Hot appetizer or tingling dessert

The lovemaking on the table is great, if it has to go fast: With a quickie is often not enough time to retire to the bedroom. Just make sure shortly before that the piece of furniture of your choice is stable enough – after all, it should not break. Incidentally, this also applies to the dishes that may still be on display. Sure, in the intoxication of feelings, it feels incredibly hot, just to sweep everything to the ground and then to collide with each other. Stupid only if you after the quickie slowly back on the ground of the facts arrives and first have to get brooms and dustpan. Totally unsexy! So: Better to clear up quickly.

You are not alone in the apartment? Then maybe you should quickly close the door before you start. After all, not everyone expects that on the table in the next room just a couple could come closer. And hardly anything is more unpleasant than getting caught in sex. At the same time, the unusual choice of location can be incredibly exciting!

So the sex on the table gets really hot

Sex on the table is uncomfortable? Not necessarily, the right position is important – just like in most other unusual places! Your choice fell on a dining table, about the height of a common worktop? Then try the so-called padlock. You lie on your back and your partner is standing in front of you while you put your legs on his shoulder or around his hips. A quickie in this position is so hot because your partner can penetrate quite deeply. At the same time, you have the opportunity to set and control the direction by changing the angle of your pelvis.

And if the table crunches suspiciously at some point or the table top press one of you painfully in the back, buttocks or elsewhere, there’s nothing wrong with continuing somewhere else. After all, you can then delete “Sex on the table” from the list of things you always wanted to try.

Men usually have it easy to get their money’s worth while having sex. For women, the thing about orgasm is not always that easy. According to a study commissioned by the company Durex, 80 percent of men regularly come to orgasm, compared to just 33 percent of women.

For luck, there are ways to do something against these lousy odds! Already with a small change of position you help the desire for the jumps. Therefore, it is worthwhile to introduce the sex positions, which virtually provide an orgasm guarantee for women. Sounds good, right?

Before the perfect position is sought, women should get to know their bodies themselves. Only then does woman know what she brings to orgasm – and what not. And the partner is certainly grateful for a few tips. For what man does not make happy when she passes in his arms with pleasure? Looking for a perfect position: Answer 4 questions and find the right sexual position for you!

Position No. 1

He sits with his legs crossed on the floor; she sits down with her face to him on his lap. He can relax and lean back with his hands. In this position, he can penetrate deeply while their clitoris is optimally stimulated. Perfect for her orgasm! If the woman is at the top during sex, she has a much better chance of having an orgasm especially when she is leaning toward her partner. She also has the power over the perfect angle and the perfect pace.

Position No. 2

Same position but in different environment: It is Ideal for couples who also like to have sex outside the bedroom. This position is suitable for any seating. Here, too, the ladies should melt away. It offers guaranteed orgasm. The woman’s feet should touch the ground. So she can better move up and down and set the pace.

Position No. 3

Both start on the bed first. She is upstairs, he lies relaxed under her. But beware: this position has two phases. Allison England explains how to do it. This position demands a certain technique from her and he should be as flexible as possible. First, she sits on him and supports herself with the arms behind. When she realizes that it is getting hotter, she should kneel down and slowly move forward, so that the man under her protrudes over the edge of the bed until he touches the ground with his head. After that, she leans back as before to get orgasm. He is not necessarily in the best position to stimulate her clitoris, but she can do it perfectly herself in this position do. For even more pleasure you should not miss these tips: Desire for more pleasure: Every woman should know that about her body.

Position No. 4

Now we turn the tables once: He sits down on the end of the bed and leans back. She sits down on his lap and shuts his legs around him. Then she leans back far enough to touch the ground with her hands. In this position, the man can wonderfully pamper the woman by stimulating her clitoris. At the same time he can enjoy the beautiful view of her body leaning back. It is perfect for both.

Position No. 5

For some women it is easier when they are up. But instead of sitting on it, she lies on top of him. In this position, her clitoris is optimally stimulated. Both partners are body to body and can move together well and stimulate each other by the close body contact.

Position No. 6

He lies relaxed on his back; she sits on him and bends far back. She supports herself with her hands while keeping his legs tight. Here, the partner may really go to the top. Bending back, she offers her clitoris, as it were, on the display plate. So he can spoil you to your heart’s content. It also has perfect control over the rhythm of the movements as well as the penetration angle and depth.