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Egg of Yoni: guide for beginners

After the Geisha balls, here are Yoni’s eggs. You hear a lot about it and your curiosity was piqued, because after 4 deliveries and a risky reeducation, your perineum would need a little help. Scientific research has been successful and intends to acquire this egg Yoni to test the benefits. Here is a little guide for beginners.

Definition Yoni egg

The word Yoni in Sanskrit means the genital organ of the woman. He is also the symbol of the feminine energy called Shakti. The yoni egg is stone which had an egg shape. There are different sizes and different stones.

How to use Yoni egg?

The practice of Yoni’s egg is not complicated. There are basically three ways to wear it:

A daily 15-minute exercise with your Yoni egg: Insert Yoni’s egg and simply walk into the house! Weight of the yoni egg and gravity of the earth will create the restrictions, which means the pelvic muscles can have benefits from it, even if you do not compress. Make sure to wear your underwear in case they fall down.

Sleep with. Some women insert the egg and it does not hold and falls. This is normal, especially if you have had children. If this is the case, start by having it in a horizontal position, sitting or sleeping. The muscles will begin to memorize and become familiar with an internal weight.

How often do I wear my Yoni egg?

Ideally every day or at least three times a week to enjoy the ultimate benefits. If you use it once a week or once a month, you may not have much change in your pelvic floor, your orgasm, your sensitivity, etc.

The best thing is to listen. At first, use your Yoni egg for 15 to 30 minutes. This will help you feel what you feel in your body. If you feel pain, immediately remove the egg and begin sitting or lying down.

In general, avoid using the egg more than 6 to 12 hours in a row. In addition, you may experience abdominal pain (such as cramps) if you keep the egg too long. Your Yoni needs to breathe and your muscles to relax, you do not want to tire your intimate muscles.

Why do I need a Yoni egg?

Just as you lift weights at the gym to build your biceps muscles, it is also recommended to use a weight if you want to strengthen this area.

The question should be: why would you do your exercises for the perineum and not use weight? The vagina is like any other muscle in the body and it is not because it is a sexual organ that we should deny it the possibility of being strong, tonic and healthy.

To reinforce the strength and sensations of the Yoni, it is important to use a weight for resistance. Do not overdo it at first, just as you would gently attack the gym, be cool with your vagina and start with 3 days a week.

How can I put it?

If necessary, use a lubricant or coconut oil to facilitate insertion. If you have a pierced Yoni egg, pass the thread through the drilled hole and tie a knot. If you are nervous about breaking the thread, simply thread another length of thread (do not panic, this will come out always and will not be blocked!)

Place the larger end of the yoni egg at the opening door of your vagina and gently push the length of the fingers. He will go inside and rest in the cavity between the G-spot and the cervix.

Is it normal not to smell my egg?

Imagine if you should feel a buffer inside of you all the time? It would become uncomfortable after a while! The polished egg of 70 grams is no different, although it is a bit heavier. It is normal to insert the egg and not feel anything. Because most women are very numb internally because of a multitude of factors:

  • Absence of vaginal nerve endings (wearing Yoni’s egg helps create this!)
  • Sexual trauma stored in the cells
  • The operations caused scar tissue
  • Not having done your muscle training of the perineum
  • Scar tissue of childbirth

Some women, on the other hand, feel much! So much that they have to take it out after 10 minutes. Everyone is so different – so listen to your vaginal voice.

How to take my egg out of Yoni?

If you are a beginner, start with a pierced Yoni egg, this way you can take it out with the wire. If you get an egg not pierced, or the wire breaks. Do not panic! You do not have to go to the emergency room. Here’s how you can do:

  • Crouch down and insert your finger to take it out. It may take a while to reach and remove it, but it is possible!
  • Go to the bathroom as if you were going to pee or poo. If the egg falls do not shoot the hunt because you may see it disappear take a glove and get it back. Let it soak in warm water with apple cider vinegar for 10 minutes to clean it.
  • Crouch and cough.
  • Ask your partner to put a finger inside you and get it back.

I am pregnant; can I carry a Yoni egg?

If you are reading this and you are pregnant, it is recommended to simply do your pelvic floor exercises (compression, looseness) without using your eggs. Once you have a baby, it is advisable to wait to use your Yoni egg for at least 3 months. When you are pregnant, it is best not to introduce new practices and not to risk taking too much weight or energy into your vagina or uterus during pregnancy.

Can I boil my Yoni egg to clean it?

Yoni crystal eggs should not be boiled as they may crack under pressure or damage their crystal structure and integrity. According to the experts’ advice, it is advisable to wash Yoni eggs in lukewarm water with a drizzle of vinegar or a mild soap (not too hard) and with lavender oil. There is only one stone that can withstand boiling water is nephrite jade and although experts do not suggest you to boil yoni stone according to its density. And whatever you do, do not insert a hot egg into your vagina. Wait until it cools until it is lukewarm.