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Unique sex toys 2 in 1, or how to save in the sex shop?

Manufacturers of sex toys today, like butt plugs for couples, are trying to increase the functionality of their products. And there are more and more things on sale in which various possibilities are connected. Such products for adults can replace two, and sometimes three products. This is a great way to buy your favorite butt plug online that will help you experiment. And on these 2-in-1 sex toys, you can save a lot! Sex experts have collected the most exciting models, including common sex toys used by adults, in one review.

1. Mini Wand USB Massager (Erotic Fantasy)

Mini Massager Mini Wand USB is created immediately for different things. Firstly, it helps relieve tension in the muscles, with its help you can recover from a workout or injury. It is suitable for neck massage after a workday or for stroking your feet after a hard day on your feet. But then it will also be used in sex. Touching the beautiful head to the erogenous zones, you can experience an incredible delight. Laski nipples, clitoris, crotch or anus will be much more exciting with such a small thing. Mini Wand USB is an analogue of the Magic Wand, but only smaller. And inside is a practical battery that charges from USB. This massager can be taken with you even when traveling because it does not take up much space. Its length is only 15 cm.

2. Flamingo (Magic Motion)

The unique Flamingo vibrator is a sex toy for wearing, a vaginal muscle trainer and an excellent masturbation trick. A well-designed form stimulates several areas at once – the inner walls of the vagina and the clitoris. At the same time, the device is controlled from a smartphone, and you can turn it on at any convenient time. A particular application turns the application into a game. One has only to begin to perform the necessary movements, and the program will create a training schedule, help to restore the tone of the internal muscles. And Flamingo can work from a distance. If you install the control interface on two devices, you can turn it on even for several thousand kilometres. This is a toy for those who want to experiment with new technologies.

3. Tickling Truman (Mystim)

Anatomically shaped vibrator with different modes is Tickling Truman, but not only can it vibrate. It is made for electro-stimulation. These are the effects of low-intensity currents on the body, causing strong arousal. The intensity of the discharges can be changed so that the sensations will be different: from slight fluctuations to tangible impacts. With the help of Tickling Truman you can play in pairs, masturbate. A special regime will also strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. This is a combination of various functions in one device of superb quality. The German company Mystim has been developing this model for many years, and the reviews about it are only positive.

4. G5 Vibe Moody (Fun Factory)

Sex toys can be suitable for different types of stimulation. G5 Vibe Moody is a sex toy for any sex. Its shape is such that it can stimulate the point G and the prostate in men. The curved tip can deliver maximum pleasure to the owners. A variety of modes will not be bored. A special limiter for anal stimulation prevents deep penetration, and when used by a woman, caresses the perineum and clitoris. The loop at the base does not allow the device to slip out of hands. G5 Vibe Moody is pleasant to the touch, comfortable to manage and of German quality.

5. Hiky (Shots Media)

Non-contact clitoral stimulants today have become the best-selling sex toys. But manufacturers decided to improve them. Hiky is a toy for vaginal sex and clitoral stimulation. Exposure is possible in turn. One part is made for a particular wave massage. It is only necessary to lean against the body and enjoy the movements of the air. In just a few seconds you can finish the first time. And then you can turn a comfortable handle into a vaginal stimulator. Since she knows how to vibrate in a variety of modes, the owner will also like this effect. Today, Hickey can replace two different vibrators at once, but it costs much less than many separate products.

6. Serenity (NS Novelties)

A flexible vibrator is a godsend for experimentation. This is a long flat product that can move with different modes and intensity. With it, you can massage the clitoris, penetrate the vagina or anus. But most importantly, Serenity can be used even in pairs. If you bend it in half and enter into the body, it will not interfere with vaginal sex. But at the same time, his movements will begin massaging point G and the clitoris of the woman, and also the head of the man. Serenity was created as a vibrator for two, but you can think of many uses for it. Delicate surface, flexible structure and simple control make sex toy indispensable in any family.

7. Gel Swiss Navy with two flavours (Swiss Navy)

The flavoured lubricant Swiss Navy is an opportunity not only to make the glide smooth but also to enjoy the pleasant aroma. The tube of the product consists of two parts: in one – a water-based lubricant with the smell of strawberries and kiwi, and in the other – with the aroma of pina colada. Delicate notes of different fruits can be used alternately and can be mixed. This is an opportunity to make new signs in the vicinity with a partner, in experiments with sex toys. Swiss Navy gel is suitable for all types of stimulation; it is a universal remedy with a neutral taste.

8. Vac-U-Lock Dildo Head (Doc Johnson)

Buy a sex toy for different uses is from the company Doc Johnson. The American manufacturer produces a whole series of dildos that can be used with strapon panties. Visually, it is an erect penis of delicate materials, but at the base, there is the amount, and it is precisely for fixing the attachment on the straps on the body. Phalluses have a relief form, which is essential for masturbation. But this will appeal to partners who like to switch places in pairs. Use the nozzle can be for vaginal and anal sex.

How else to save in the sex shop?

For young ones buying plugs for sex, it is important not to save money, but to obtain a job that suits and will like it. It is necessary to study the range, to understand the functions and features of the presented models. Famous brands set higher prices for their products. But then they guarantee the high quality of their products. Their sex toys undergo many tests and final certification. And exactly are safe for the user.

The presence of many functions increases the price of sex toys, but at the same time expands the possibilities of application. Sometimes it is better to overpay for opportunities than to compensate for their lack with other items. In the store, all sex toys of excellent quality. They collect the best models and sell them at the lowest cost in America and if you want to save even more – take a look at their sale section.