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Experience Orgasm Silently with a discreet vibrator: Tips for choosing

You will find on Sex Shop America a wide range of the best vibrators that will fulfil all your desires. Check out all categories of vibrators to see the perfect sex toy for you. Buying the Best discreet/quiet vibrators has never been easier than at the online erotic shop!

Classic vibrators

This space dedicated to traditional vibrators, from the soberest to the most advanced. Different forms, sometimes luxurious or fanciful, they are providers of pleasure. Their intensity is usually flexible, and different vibratory modes are proposed.

Point-G Vibrators

This category of vibrators is specially designed to stimulate your G-spot, promoting the attainment of intense sexual arousal. Point-G vibrators will forever change your notion of pleasure!

Realistic vibrators

The realistic vibrators faithfully reproduce the texture and softness of a potential partner. Thus, by their incredible realism to the touch as to the sensation, the realised vibrators will know how to bring you to the enjoyment in no time.

We-Vibe Vibrators

The range of vibrators We-Vibe is a multi-action stimulator dedicated to the female pleasure or the couple. The particular design of these we-vibe vibrators allows them to stimulate the clitoris and the G-spot at the same time leaving your hands as free as your spirit. Simple, efficient and versatile, revolutionary design: Try the We-Vibe is to adopt! Vibrate pleasure under the intense pulsations of vibrator We-Vibe for couples.

Womaniser Vibrators

The womaniser is a foreign company that develops and produces innovative high-end sex toys according to current trends and always looking for the best for its users to make them find new intense sensations! Womaniser specialises in the production of vibrators clitoral stimulators without contact by suction effect and vibrations. The Womanizer vibrators are already sold in several countries with impressive results!

Lelo Vibrators

The brand of vibrators knows the body of the woman, and it proves it by the erotic vibrators of its range! The accessories and the modes of stimulation proposed by these vibrators will allow you to let you go according to your desires of the moment without rushing you and in gently giving you be invaded by a wave of pleasure to the most intense orgasm. These luxury vibrators are very quiet; you will probably make more noise than the vibrator.

Clitoral stimulators

Treat yourself to a moment of extreme relaxation thanks to the full range of clitoral stimulators available on Sex Shops of America. Vibrant clitoral stimulators will tickle you with satisfaction!

Egg vibrators

Egg vibrators are small, discreet and pleasantly versatile sex toys. Feel free to imagine: they can help you achieve orgasm with vaginal or clitoral stimulation or be used during your sexual intercourse. Choose from the wide selection the vibrating egg that will satisfy you!

Vibrators harnesses (Strap-on)

Used by both women and men, the harness vibrator provides couples with unparalleled sexual pleasure. Try one of many models, and your sex life will be forever changed. Tie yourself well, sexual desire is guaranteed with the acquisition of a strap-on vibrator!

Vibrators for massage

To relax or enliven the preliminaries, try one of the vibrators of Sex Shop. You and your partner can enjoy a sensual massage with one of these great accessories.

Double stimulation vibrators

Specially designed for anal and vaginal stimulation, dual stimulation vibrators usually have a clitoral stimulator as a bonus.

Rechargeable vibrators

Rechargeable vibrators are an environmentally friendly alternative to battery vibrators. They provide more intense vibrations, have guarantees and will last for years. Have fun while respecting the environment.
Submersible Vibrators

Change your routine and bring your favourite vibrator underwater! You will see, everything is more relaxing and intimate in the shower. The submersible vibrators (waterproof) can also be used like any other erotic toy and are therefore very versatile and fashionable.

Vibrating panties

In secret or couple, a shiver of pleasure is unavoidable. Thanks to vibrating panties you can experience it. They hide easily under the laundry to help you achieve pleasure at any time or place! Discreet, vibrating panties will quickly become your favourite erotic toy!

Small and discreet vibrators

Whatever the reason, if you have to be subtle then opt for small, discreet vibrators. The vibrators in this category are sometimes small, silent, or disguised as something else. Sometimes they even have these three beautiful qualities combined!

With the fingers or the tongue

This category of vibrators includes a multitude of small sex toys to incorporate into your foreplay or to use to help you reach orgasm! The vibrators with fingers or tongue are versatile and so easy to use that you will soon be able to the more you spend!

Super silent vibrators

Super quiet vibrators are sex toys that work entirely silently. This is an ideal solution for families with children; the kids do not hear anything at the time of use. At the same time, the power of the devices is not lower than that of other models.

Silent vibrators are models that can be used seamlessly. These are sex toys that are used for quiet games in the bedroom or bathroom, for wearing and plugging in crowded places. They are suitable for couples who live with children or parents, and where devices for sex should remain invisible. This is a solution for people who do not want their relatives to find out that they have goods from the sex shop.

Who should buy a quiet vibrator?

Quiet toys can be used anywhere. Their work does not attract attention. This is a solution for comfortable masturbation or bright sex without sounds. With such a sex toy you can have fun and not disturb little children or other people living in an apartment.

Quiet vibrators are suitable for masturbation. With them, retire in any room or the bathroom, and no one can guess from the sounds of what is happening inside. The work of the device does not attract attention; the fact of the application is easy to hide.

Silent vibrators are useful to those who are annoyed by the “buzzing” of conventional models. Sometimes it’s more pleasant to listen to moans or music than the sound of a running motor.