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Butt Plug: How to use it and maintain it properly

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So introduce anal sex toys into your relationship

Anal games are among the sexual areas that turn a “taboo” into a “uuuh”. But this hidden lust zone deserves to be discovered, as anal stimulation can improve any sexual scenario for both women and men. Anal sex toys are products designed specifically for anal penetration. The shapes are often conical or increasing in size to allow easy insertion before enlarging or contracting to stimulate these internal pleasure zones.

Anal sex toy is smooth and sensual, feels just as good and was developed for both men and women.

Are anal toys painful?

Anal penetration can be painful if you are inexperienced, but this is just a kind of anal variety. The sphincter ring contains numerous nerves and can be stimulated by gentle stimulation with fingers, tongue or toys such as the gentle round tip of the classic anal plug (medium sized).

The dam just below the anal opening can also be pampered by gentle and sensual stimulation. As part of a sensual massage, perform one of beginner anal loops over the causeway or apply a little. Discover anal lubricant while gently exploring with your fingers. If you take the time you need, you’ll quickly see why one of the last major sexual taboos is causing anal pleasures to around one-third of Western homosexual and heterosexual couples.

How do you address this topic with your partner?

Good sex is all about communication. So, discuss your anal fantasies before going one step further. Mention outside the bedroom that you are thinking about buying anal sex toys or like anal games. So you do not put yourself and your partner under pressure. Be honest and explain why you are interested in this kind of satisfaction and listen to what your partner has to say about it. Begin the conversation relaxed and informal, so that no one feels offended if objections exist.

If you take your partner by surprise, he may be looking for space – anal sex is a common fantasy, but it’s not talked about openly. If you express your desire for anal sex and your partner shares that preference, curb your enthusiasm for a short time so that you can find out which anal sex toys are right for you.

How do you use anal sex toys?

Anal chains are more suitable for newbies in this field than large insert able toys. Therefore, as a beginner, you should start with these products (available at loveplugs.com.au). The anal beads are made of silicone so you can decide how far you want to go. Apply a lubricant on your body and your Analketten and then perform the first ball gently. Then gently insert the other balls individually and decide for yourself how much you like it. Anal chains provide a fantastic feeling during lovemaking or masturbation. Pull out the chain at orgasm and experience even stronger sensations.

Butt plugs

PARIS, FRANCE – OCTOBER 16: ‘Tree’, Paul McCarthy’s monumental artwork at Place Vendome on October 16 in Paris, France. This installation is part of the FIAC – Contemporary Art Fair – from October 21 until November 1, 2014, and extends out from the Grand Palace and takes over several famous spots all over Paris. (Photo by Chesnot/Getty Images)Among the most popular anal sex toys you will also find an anal plug that suits you perfectly. Anal plugs are suitable for insertion as well as for long-term stimulation and are usually conically shaped, have a wide diameter and a slim neck with a wide base. So the anal plug stays in the right place – even in the most exuberant sex games!

Apply plenty of lubricant to the anal plug and your body and then insert the tip slowly. Since this is the slimmest part of the plug, you may find it difficult to introduce it because of its incredible flexibility. However, if you angle it in the direction of your abdomen, the penetration becomes easier. Gently insert the butt plug until you reach the slender neck. The plug can remain in this position as a hidden donor while you are doing your work. Or use it in addition to other forms of stimulation.

Many clients use an anal plug, just before anal intercourse, as the muscles are gently stretched, allowing you to easily absorb your partner’s entire penis.

6 tips for thoroughly cleaning your Butt Plug

The regular, thorough cleaning is a real must when using sex toys! To ensure not only maximum hygiene, but also the longest and most reliable lifespan of toys, experts have put together some useful tips and tips for cleaning your favorite toys – especially your butt plug.

When butt plugs are not cleaned after each use, bacteria quickly attach themselves to them. In addition, the material, and in the long term, the performance of the butt plugs suffers. If you want to maintain the original quality of your butt plugs- the soft surface, the flexibility of the material and the unrestricted performance – now the question comes that how to clean your butt plug. You should consider the following tips when cleaning your butt plug.

  1. Store your butt plug in a dry and dust-free place – so you only have to clean the toys after use. Many butt plugs come in matching boxes that are perfect for discreet and convenient storage. Clean your butt plugs after each use – regardless of the type of game. You can take your time with the cleaning and cuddle with your partner after playing with your butt plug, or take a breather yourself. Experts also recommend thoroughly cleaning your butt plugs before first use.
  2. Read the instructions for use. Often you will find here useful information on the peculiarities of the material used, as well as tips for proper cleaning. If you are no longer in possession of the instructions for use, just read on.
  3. Use a cloth dampened with warm water and soap for cleaning – if your butt plug is 100% waterproof, you can rinse it under running water with mild antibacterial soap. Make sure that the soap contains no perfume. Before cleaning, make sure your butt plug is water repellent or water resistant. Water-repellent butt plugs could be damaged by running under running water, but a cloth moistened with warm water is not a problem.
  4. Use an antibacterial toy cleaner. These are made by various manufacturers in the adult industry, and can be obtained as sprays or gels. Antibacterial toy cleaners are particularly worthwhile for customers who own and use several sex toys. The cleaners are suitable for all common in the production of sex toys materials, and ensure maximum hygiene, as well as a gentle treatment of your toys. They are usually allergy-tested and skin-friendly. Only use cleaners and sprays that have been developed and tested for sex toys. Intimate hygiene requires high-quality cleaners – other cleaners and sprays could lead to nasty surprises. If you do not want to invest in an antibacterial toy cleaner, you can also use towels for intimate care for cleaning. Especially for traveling, these are perfect.
  5. Only store your butt plugs when they are completely dry. If you store your toys wet, bacteria can easily accumulate on them. The best for various materials, including silicone and rubber, is drying in the air. If you are in a hurry to clean and stow your toys, you can gently dry them with a clean towel.
  6. Store your butt plugs in a dry, dust-free location – for example, in a box in a bedside drawer. Some butt plugs should be kept in a cool, dark place for optimal performance. Detailed information and tips for cleaning and storage can be found in the product descriptions.

However, if anal sex is not the right game for you, then you do not feel compelled to keep going. Some love it, others hate it. So do not think that you need to continue this experience if you did not like it.