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Prostate massage: how correctly to do the man to himself?

Can you be a part of the prostate massage yourself now? In that case, you will be able to have the best deals for the same and that also in a significant way.

The prostate gland or prostate is a vital organ in the male body. It is directly related to the genitourinary system of a man. With any changes, inflammation and formations in the prostate, these systems fail. One of the most effective ways to treat a male prostate is to massage her.

Can I make myself a prostate massage?

Many men are afraid or shy of such manipulations as prostate massage. They are even willing to risk their men’s health, not to go to “shameful” procedures. Few of them know about what to do massage of the prostate gland can be at home when no one sees anything.

Massage of the prostate by itself: benefit

First of all, it should be said that it is necessary to do such manipulations only on the instructions of a doctor. It is the doctor who can orient his patient to what kind of message he needs to use, how long it should last and how often to carry it out. From medicine, the benefits of a prostate massage are as follows:

  • Improves blood flow in the body
  • The effect of the drugs is increased due to the acceleration of the blood flow
  • All metabolic processes in the collection are normalised
  • Inflammation of the prostate is suppressed, puffiness disappears
  • Together with the secret from the prostate gland all pathogenic bacteria come out

For men, such processes are critical, because thanks to them the following happens:

  • Increases the duration of sexual intercourse
  • Orgasm becomes more pronounced
  • Increased sexual desire
  • Increases potency

Kinds, ways of massage of a prostate to itself

To date, there are two types of massage of the prostate gland – external and internal. In turn, the internal massage is divided into such subspecies:

  • Prostate massage with a finger
  • Hardware message
  • Hydromassage

There is also an internal form of massage of the prostate with the help of bougie. However, such a procedure should be carried out only under the supervision of a doctor in a hospital.

How can I massage the prostate myself on my own?

Naturally, the first thing that comes to mind when mentioning an independent massage of the prostate at home is the finger. Also, the prostate gland can be kneaded with the help of individual devices – you can buy them in a pharmacy or make yourself. For home hydro-massage, you need a rubber pear with a unique solution (manganese, chamomile).

If you want to know the feeling, see: https://loveplugs.co/blogs/news/12-things-you-might-feel-during-prostate-massage-you-wont-believe-number-10

Postures for prostate massage

The most successful stance for samomassazha prostate gland is a pose in which a man lies on his back, bending his knees and pulling them to his chest. In this case, it is desirable to dilute the legs slightly in the sides. With one hand, a man can hold his feet, and with the other hand, he can massage.

If desired, this procedure can be carried out in the same position, but on the side. However, many patients note that doing prostate massage on the back is still more convenient than on the side.

Some men prefer to perform prostate massage in the knee-elbow position.

In case of problems in the joints of the legs, a man can choose a standing position, in which the body needs to be placed on the table.

You can also use the pose in which the patient lies on his stomach, picking up his knees.

How to make yourself a medical massage of the prostate with your thumb: technique

Before you start a massage of the prostate, you need to prepare carefully:

  • The place of carrying out of massage (a bed, a floor, a sofa) is better covered with any tissue (a towel, a sheet).
  • An hour before the procedure, the patient must drink 1 litre of clean water, so that at the time of massing the prostate gland his bladder was full.
  • Before the procedure, you also need to clear the intestine of excess stool. To do this, it is desirable to put a cleansing enema from a solution of furacilin, manganese or chamomile.
  • Special training requires the hands of men – they need to be thoroughly washed and cut off their nails.
  • On the hand or finger, which is supposed to do massage, it is recommended to wear gloves, fingertips or a condom.
  • For a better slip, the rubber surface of the protective layer should be lubricated with petroleum jelly, special grease or baby cream.
  • Immediately before the massage, the genitals and perineum should be thoroughly rinsed and wiped dry.

The algorithm of actions:

  • Having done all the preparatory procedures and lay down in a comfortable pose, insert a finger into the anal opening to a depth of about 5 cm.
  • On the front wall of the intestine, we grope the prostate gland – it will stand out somewhat against the background of other intestinal tissues and somehow resemble a walnut.
  • Begin stimulation of the prostate by soft stroking it from sides to the centre – you can alternately stroke one side first, and then another (about a minute).
  • Gradually increase the pressure on the harder parts of the prostate and the soft – reduce (about a minute).
  • At the final stage of the massage, we do stroking down along the central sulcus of the prostate.
  • With the cautious movement of a hand we deduce a finger from an anus.
  • All the time of the message the man needs to monitor his state of health – the norm is the absence of pain and discomfort.
  • In the process of massage, a man can feel how a small amount of liquid (3-5 drops) comes out of it. Such a fluid is nothing more than the juice of the prostate gland.
  • Immediately after the procedure, the patient must empty the bladder. Together with the urine, the remains of a secret come out. They also need to pay attention, because they can be judged on what processes occur in the prostate. The transparent liquid will be considered the norm; yellowish discharge indicates the presence of pus and inflammation in the gland and bloody – about tissue damage. In the last two cases, it is best for a man to give up self-massage of the prostate and seek help from a doctor.

Dear men! As much as you are not shy and afraid of your problems, you need to go to the doctor. Only he can help you and prescribe an adequate treatment. Massage of the prostate is not something terrible, but it cannot be called a panacea. If necessary, this manipulation will speed up the process of recovery and will quickly restore your self-confidence. Health to you!