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Lou Graves is a blogger since 2010 and it’s all about Gothic Lolita and Dandy Fashion, Makeup, Antics and Vlogs.

Tara Babcock is a model and a hot sex symbol known for her curvaceous body. She is also a popular gamer on YouTube and has a channel called ‘Tara Babcock Games!’ The combo of beauty and brains is a rare one, and this blue-eyed model is blessed with both! With a body that is gorgeous, and a heart that loves playing video games, Tara is a multitalented celebrity who captures the fancy of her fans with her beauty, wit, and skills.

Did you know all of us have vampires in our lives. No, not the ones you see in Twilight, I’m talking about the ones who suck all the energy out of you, leaving you drained and unhappy in life. The trouble is they come in all shapes and forms – friends, family and peers, which makes it harder to deal with them. But when you do eliminate these energy vampires from your life you’ll achieve more, be happier and have more energy than ever.

Hailey Reese is a Canadian singer/songwriter actress and model. She grew up in Cambridge, Ontario and moved to LA, California to further her career. She has been song writing, and working on music to release in 2014, and last year She performed at the 2013 Wasaga Beach fest and attended teen choice awards

Doctor Taraneh Shirazian is an Assistant Professor in Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of NYU Langone Medical Center

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