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Horror Movies are expected to have at least some sort of nudity and sexual ambiguity. And if it’s a real shitty storyline expect to see a lot of blood, ass and titties..isn’t that right? Megan Fox… So let’s get our audience turned on, while scaring the shit out of em’.. With that being said, We’re Back with our list of the 10 Hottest Horror Movie Sex Scenes Muahahaha Number 10: Species How fucked up would this be, if it really happened? Hot alien chick played by fine ass Natasha Henstridge tries to fuck dudes to get their sperm for alien mating.. And when you look like Natasha, I’m pretty sure, it wouldn’t be that difficult.. Species killed it at the box office in 1995, no pun intended, after it was advertised that a hot alien was gunna give up that Extra Terrestrial pussy. Number 9: Bad Moon In the 80’s and 90’s, Werewolf lore captivated movie makers and the audience.. And in this poorly reviewed cliche Werewolf movie, it kept up with all the full moon predictability. In this scene, we see a hot chick riding that D in a tent, while the Werewolf sniffs boodussy in the air.. Just in case you guys didn’t know, That’s booty, dick and pussy. Let’s just say, the werewolf got some of that Booduss too.. Number 8: American Psycho This could possibly be the funniest and creepiest sex scene in a horror film.. As the character Patrick Bateman played by Christian Bale fucks two hookers as he jams out to Phil Collins and peeps himself out in the mirror.. Oh , like you’ve never don’t that before.. Do you know what’s in the air tonight? Smelly hot vagina… Number 7: Hatchet 2 The moaning and dirty talk in this doggy style sex scene makes it enjoyably arousing.. But when Deformed swamp thing Victor Crowley comes creeping up and decapitates this poor guy.. things get steamy and bloody in the woods.. Its reported that the scenes were so gory and vile that a crew member quit on day 2, due to ‘moral reasons’.. And the unedited version was canceled in theaters across north america due to Hatchet 2’s content. Number 6: Embrace Of the Vampire Alyssa Milano became a sex symbol after her 1995 starring role in this Vampire Horror movie.. As alyssa plays Charlotte, who falls in love with a Vampire.. In this super sexy scene, Alyssa is tied up and gets Vampire gang banged and 100% of us popped chubbies. So Who’s The Boss? Apparently these horny Vampires.. and Alyssa’s hot tits.. Number 5: Jennifer’s Body At the time of release of this vampire blood sucking horror flick.. Megan Fox was on top of the world, as one of the sexiest woman on the planet. And while the movie and screenplay bombed, she still kept the world loving her, sexy lips and eyes.. As she and co star Amanda Seyfried steamed up the screen with their hot kissing and moaning.. damnn…Oh no.. oh no… OOOh Jeezzz.. Jiizzzzz ALLLLLEERRTT Number 4: Friday The 13th – 2009 Uh Oh.. Guess what day it is bitches… In this remarkably good remake of Friday the 13th in 2009, we are introduced to super hottie Julianna Guill.. And with 3 minutes of uninterrupted fucking, this scene is majorly Hot and dope.. Don’t turn around guys… Because Jason is right behind you!!!! AHHhhhh! Just kidding Number 3: Galaxy Of Terrorj This 1981 sci fi horror film gets dirty and slimy.. As hottie Taaffe O’Connell gets slammed by a big ass Earth worm looking alien, while she gets aroused and killed by the slimy dick..Originally, the character played by Taaffe was supposed to be eaten by the bug until a last minute decision by the director..Btw, we at ModernWhiz do not condone Rape by worms.. her moaning and tits were super hot. Number 2: Knock Knock Who’s there? Two psycho bitches trying to ruin your life.. That’s all.. A horror flick is scarier to me when it can actually happen.. Like meeting a pathologically lying psycho chick.. Oh you haven’t met one before?? trust me dawg. you will… In this super hot scene where Keanu’s character, family man Evan gets to fuck Genesis and Bell played by hotties Lorenza Izzo and Ana De Armas.. Dark fantasies turning into nightmares? Yup, Knock Knock will give you boners and night terrors. Number 1: Jason Goes To Hell Jason Voorhees loves fucking up a good time doesn’t he? As this couple was getting their freak on with some smiles and moans.. Big ass Jason came through with the weapon of his choice and sliced open the fine ass girl with the dope tits.. Man, didn’t your grandma ever tell you to stop having sex in a tent? Jason’s gunna git you! And there you have it, our list of the 10 Hottest Horror Movie Sex Scenes. Did we miss any other sexy horror scenes? If so, mention them in the comment section below, and as always/don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe.


The management of this theater is happy to show you now a special sort of film I can’t get too far from home before I’m dead and gone! The colors’ left your face. You head to outer space! You better Run! Run! Run! before you see the sun! It sends shivers down my spine! This happens every time! You look at me with your disgrace because it’s me you want to taste! I better Run! Run! Run! until I see the sun! Now I’m really low. I’m in your grip, I know. All that’s left is blood It’s all for you, my love. I better Run! Run! Run! Before I see the sun! Before I see the sun! Before I see the sun! Before I see the sun!

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