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The “Tree”, an inflatable Christmas tree by American artist Paul McCarthy installed on Place Vendôme, caused a scandal last week. The work, looking too much like an princess butt plug, was ransacked, and the artist attacked. But what is an princess butt plug, some wonder? We tell you more about this sex object.

The functions of the princess butt plug

His role ? The plug is more an accessory for preparing for anal penetration than an object of pleasure. Once inserted, it gradually relaxes the muscles around the anus.

“It also aims to overcome the fear of anal penetration in certain people,” explains doctor Sylvain Mimoun, sexologist in Paris. When fear is tamed, penetration becomes commonplace and sexual partners can listen to their pleasure. ”

The princess butt plug is then used in particular to reach a sensitive area around the prostate. Through the anus, the plug touches this periprostatic region by filling it completely.

It can also be used:

  • as a dildo when inserted into the anus or vagina for stimulation and arousal;
  • by a single person who keeps it on him while he engages in other activities, even in the presence of others, in order to experience pleasure without it being seen.
  • If it can be used in the anus as in the vagina, the dimensions of the plug are more suited to the anus.

Butt plug, instructions for use

The anus must be prepared, for example by a massage accompanied by lubricant. The plug is also coated with lubricant and gently inserted. After a few seconds, the muscle relaxes and adapts to the toy. Without pushing it further, you can turn it on itself by gradually widening the circles.

Gradually, the pressure of the muscle will decrease and the plug may be pushed a little further. If for some, this simple penetration is sufficient, for others, a back and forth movement will be required because it stimulates the anal wall, very sensitive.

Anal penetration is safe if it is prepared properly. Also, the plug helps the anus to gradually expand thanks to its conical shape.

Risks of using an princess butt plug

“The use of the plug presents risks, in particular that of tearing of the rectal tissues in the case of anal stimulation,” explains Dr. Sylvain Mimoun. The use of a lubricant is therefore strongly recommended. ”

In contact with biological fluids (in particular blood, stools, vaginal secretions), the object can be a vector of sexually transmitted infections. It is also advisable not to put the plug in the anus and then in the vagina then. The object should be washed after each use with an antibacterial soap.

Plugs for all tastes

PVC, latex, metal, silicone, wood… there is something for everyone!

The princess butt plug is composed of a wide and rather flat base, a wide part then a narrowing and a fine termination, in a round point. The base can be a suction cup, but more generally it is a base remaining outside, essential to prevent the plug from remaining in the anus. Whatever butt plug you choose, you can find the best ones at LG.

Other forms of plugs exist:

  • anatomically sized stimulation plug
  • large plug for certain sexual games (anal fisting)
  • Some plugs are vibrant

You have probably heard something about princess butt plug, one of the most popular sex toys on the erotic market. This popularity occurs mainly because it is a very democratic adult accessory: it conquers both those who already have experience with anal games and people who wish to venture out for the first time in this area.

While it is true that anal stimulation was not done for everyone, it is also true that this subject is no longer a taboo as it was. Our society is more open about sex in general and, as a result, women are changing the view of how anal sex can be fun and pleasurable (remember that the anus is an erogenous zone and has thousands of nerve endings!).

princess butt plugs definitely have a chance to add something more to the lives of single women and couples. They can be used during intercourse, as an ally of foreplay or in masturbation, providing extra stimulation for you to intensify your orgasm. It is also an excellent product for beginners who want to get used to the anal penetration of a penis.

Below, we will cover everything you need to know about princess butt plug : from the ideal sizes for each woman to the different existing models (Jewel Plug, Fox Plug, Inflatable Plug, among others). Read on!

Complete princess butt plug Guide

The princess butt plug Parts

Plugs were developed especially for anal sex games to be safe and pleasurable. There are a multitude of models, but basically they are divided into three main parts:

The base – Fundamental part, since it is that which prevents the accessory from being completely sucked into the anus. Nobody wants to spend the embarrassment of making an unexpected trip to the hospital so that the Plug can be removed, right?

The Neck – Once the Plug is inserted, the anal muscles contract around the neck, which helps to keep the toy in place. This part can vary in diameter and is almost always thinner than the base and body of the Plug.

The Body – It is the main part that has the function of generating stimulation and anal pleasure. It is divided into two segments: the tip, generally tapered to allow easy insertion, and the bulb, in the lower part of the body, which is the section with the largest circumference of the Plug.

How to use princess butt plug?

If it is important to you that everything is very clean, use a hygienic shower, popularly known as “chuca” (learn more here ).

  • Then, apply a quality intimate lubricant to your anus and Plug. To ensure durability and facilitate cleaning, be sure to protect the toy with a condom.
  • You may want to count on the help of your partner to insert the accessory, but, regardless, I suggest some positions to put it: on all fours (doggy style), on the side, “roast chicken” or sitting on it;
  • After choosing the best position and being relaxed, hold the base of the product firmly and place the tip at the entrance of the anus. Then push the Plug as far as you feel comfortable.
  • If everything is OK, without pain, go a little further. Otherwise, remove the plug and reapply the lubricant.
  • You will know when the accessory is fully inserted, as the sphincter muscles will start to contract around the Plug’s neck, sucking it to the end, leaving only the base exposed.
  • You can use it alone, routinely, as an ally of female masturbation, or in the moments leading up to intercourse to prepare for penetration.
  • The choice is yours: leave the Plug “resting” inside the anus for some time or stimulate the nerve endings of the anal area by making in-and-out movements.