US box office from August 21: Suicide Squad always first

Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad

Third weekend in a row in first place: Suicide Squad accomplishes this feat that neither Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice nor Captain America: Civil War are able to achieve, these two films have not gone for two weeks number one box office. With $ 20.7 million to better the last three days, Suicide Squad reached a total of 262.2 million. This is the eighth biggest hit of the year, below Batman V Superman (330 300 000) but well above X-Men Apocalypse (155.4 million), but it’s still a bit just from its budget of 175 million. The lack of any strong competitor coming weeks guarantees Suicide Squad not to fall too violently in the near future, but the bad mouth to ear continues to serve it.

Conversely, Sausage Party has a good mouth to ear but falling 55.3% in the second week. $ 15.3 million more, it makes a tidy profit of 65.3 million from its budget of 19 million, although it is far from Zootopie or World Dory , Sony brillamment.joué the against-programming animation film material with this vulgar and violent comedy conceived by Seth Rogen.

The news of the weekend is not powerful enough to dislodge superméchants and sausages. War Dogs , Todd Phillips comedy with Jonah Hill and Miles Teller as arms dealers, starts third with $ 14.3 million. It is far from Hangover , the worse (the third) started at 41.6 million. In fact, it’s worst start to a film from Phillips School for Scoundrels ( School for Scoundrels ) Billy Bob Thornton in 2006. Critics love the performance and Teller Hill, but are more mixed on the rest the film that will not repay its budget of 40 million. At least, in the United States.

Kubo and magic armor will start fourth with $ 12.6 million, despite excellent reviews that praise the visual and dramatic beauty of the latest studio Laika ( Coraline , The Nightmare Norman power ). Kubo starts and weaker than Norman (14 million), Coraline (16.8 million) or The Boxtrolls (17.2 million). Refuse to post-Pixar way Illumination ( Minions , Like beasts) both technically (stop-motion, animated paper) that narratively ( Kubo is a Japanese-tale magic and not a tit for tat comedy) is paid to the box- office. But expect international results to conclude.

Finally, Ben-Hur only start fifth. $ 11.3 million just to start. Comparing his estimated budget of 100 million, is violent. The new version of the novel by Lew Wallace or rather the 1959 classic with Charlton Heston- was weighed down by its lack of stars (Jack Huston, Toby Kebbell are headlining) and its treatment too wise to peplum Gladiator despite the presence of Timur Bekmambetov (Wanted: choose your fate). to achieve 300: Rise of an empire started at 45 million in March 2014, 3D Hercules with Dwayne Johnson to 29.8 million in July 2014 … Ben-Hur vintage 2016 starts in fact little better than the nanar the Legend of Hercules Renny Harlin with Kellan Lutz (8.8 million in January 2014). And again, Ben-Hur is on the side of “realism” by refusing to include effects to the Matrix or fantasy elements. The studio has also failed to reach the American Christian public (a trailer made much of the role of Jesus in the film) who had reached a nice score peplum The Resurrection of Christ in February. Indeed, Ben-Hur starts as Christ’s Resurrection (11.8 million) but it had cost five times cheaper. Perhaps with a star like Chris Pratt, the film could have cartonner without pretending to grab eleven Oscars as Ben-Hur 1959 maybe. But we can not rewrite history, or reproduce.

US box office from 19 to 21 August:
1) Suicide Squad
2) Sausage Party
3) War Dogs
4) Kubo and magical armor
5) Ben-Hur

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