Turbo League: Rocket League mobile version

Turbo League

Turbo League

Turbo League is a special football game in which players are the vehicles and is offered by Zero Four. Matches take place in three multiplayer against three real-time and you have to play the ball by hitting it with the vehicle you drive trying to win the game. The title is cross platform and provides the user with an editor to create decals to be applied to “players”, and you can customize your car with futuristic wheels and vinyl and strengthen them with turbo rockets, nitro and so on.

However, the copy operation has so many nuances, so many layers to do even envy the highest ever conceived millefeuille. There are those who borrows a few ideas, whoever replication and adapts, and then, only then, there are those who copy for chapter and verse much of the work: this is the case of Turbo League Hack.

The game is very similar to Rocket League and integrates a global chat with personal messages with which you can chat and invite for a game players all over the world. Turbo League is available for Android for free, supported by advertising and in-app purchases ads optional and requires the permissions for access to the device and app history, identity, contacts, camera, microphone, information about Wi-Fi, photo, multimedia and file elements. Below you will find the trailer and the badge to download the game from the Play Store.

Developed by Zero Four , the title in question is clearly inspired by Rocket League , one of the great successes of the independent scene consoles and PC. For those not familiar at all, it is a football game in which players control a car.

The ingredients to break through without much effort are many: vehicle personalization, global chat, multiplayer real-time and monetization model free-to-play supported by in-app purchases . We just have to leave you in the launch trailer company, wishing you good fun.

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