PlayStation VR Worlds Review 2017

PlayStation VR Worlds

PlayStation VR Worlds

Buyers of the PlayStation VR glasses have a hard time choosing one of the starting titles. Almost every well-known person plays with the idea, however, next to another main game atindest PlayStation VR Worlds zuzulegen, which is not only due to the different games for a good change, but also as a technology demo an insight into different VR experiences. Whether the investment of about 45 € for the game collection is worthwhile, I once examined closer.

Already in the main menu of PlayStation VR Worlds one is impressively received in an old building and can decide here for one of five games. Each of you creates a ball in front of your head, which can be interacted in a variety of ways. Pretty cool feature as I find, which I did not notice directly and some of my colleagues did not notice at all. Just hit the ball in the virtual room with your DualShock 4 controller and watch what happens. This is the first aha effect on the side of the game.

Ocean Descent

Ocean Descent is less a game than a VR experience. Locked in a cage, we are on the way as a deep-rounder and investigate the ocean for a rescue company. After seeing the beautiful coral reef and the countless fish, we suddenly saw a shark, which we barely escaped. The demo is pretty good and creates a good atmosphere, but the replay is small.

The London Heist

Qualitatively as playfully, The London Heist is the best demo in the collection. In a few chapters, we play a diamond screw in London with either the DualShock 4 controller or two move controllers (recommended!), Take part in heated fire fighting, escape on the highway before shooting enemies or smoke a boss with the cigar. The play is a great cinema, of which I would have liked a “full version” at the full price. I think specifically FPS will be really good in the coming years in the virtual reality. Nice Dreadabeabe: Different shooting ranges allow you to fire on different objects away from the story.

Danger Ball

Danger Ball is a kind of pong that controls your head. The concept you quickly internalized and the presentation is terrific. You can even hit the ball, give it a spin, or fling it at the enemy. Different types of opponents and game modes (such as tournament, fast game or point-offensive, in which certain points must be scored) create different challenges. Unfortunately, long-term motivation is relatively low. At least a Versus mode with online friends would have been the least. Unfortunately, only the AI ​​game is possible.

VR Luge

In VR Luge, we take part in an illegal road race on a wheeled carriage that runs along the roads on a total of four tracks, avoiding obstacles such as vehicles. Really fun is not that, however, because the control works often against you and the immersion is despite old-fashioned graphics quite high. Here, motion-sickness can come quickly, which means nausea in the clear line.

In addition to The London Heist, I liked the presentation and value of Scavengers Odyssey best. In the body of an alien you are looking for an artifact in the vastness of space and be trapped in a spaceship Mech hybrid with your own AI, who will talk to you during the campaign and navigate you through the levels. On your journey, you will be dealing with insect-shaped monsters, which you will master with your pre-assembled laser guns. A catch hook can be used to remove all kinds of things, or to hurl them at attackers. Without gravity, you often stand on your head, run along walls or jumps with your nozzles from asteroid to asteroid, which means that you will notice at the same time negative side effects in your head, Which are increasingly part of the gameplay as the campaign progresses. So I was bad in Scavengers Odyssey after a certain time, although the game itself seems very intuitive and high-quality. The story is interesting in terms of storytelling, although even these six chapters, like in The London Heist, do not provide for several hours of fun and end relatively quickly.

Finally, you can say that PlayStation VR Worlds is certainly worth 45 euros, since the playback value and the sum of content are simply too small. However, it is still the best way to immerse yourself in various VR experiences for the money of a full-price game, to make them experience your friends and family as much as you like, and to learn for yourself what games work for your own head And which do not. If you have problems with Scavengers Odyssey, you need to play more with the PlayStation VR glasses and practice them daily to keep your brain on the experience, or to admit that such games are not for you Games like War Robots Cheats

PlayStation VR Worlds is ultimately a pretty high-quality demo with which you can get an insight into the future and be curious about what it provides for us. If you come for under 30 € to the software bundle, I tell you my clear purchase recommendation. Alone The London Heist should have experienced as a VR glasses owner.

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