Mobius Final Fantasy revealed the release date on PC

Mobius Final Fantasy

The Japanese publisher of the series Final Fantasy has decided to get on computers title released last year RPG for mobile devices. The main story starring Wol , the fighter in the service of the Light, that according to the prophecy will fight against the forces of evil to free their world from darkness.

The official announcement, following in their entirety, presents the new version of the game that will soon be made available through the platform of Valve Corporation. Also anticipates an extraordinary event that will involve the highly anticipated remake of Final Fantasy VII.

Square Enix Ltd. announced today that MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY, the critically acclaimed adventure role-playing game for mobile device, will arrive on STEAM next month, specifically on February 6. MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY , already available on the mobile devices, is an adventure role-completely new with an exciting history, splendid graphics, the ability to completely customize the characters and sophisticated battle system turn based RPG style. The version for STEAM will be in full HD (1920 x 1080) and will adapt to different screen sizes, bringing the excitement of frantic battles on the big screen allowing players to have fun with even richer gaming experience.

In addition, on February 7 will also start a special event in collaboration with the highly anticipated FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE. About the collaboration, Yoshinori Kitase (producer of MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY and FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE ) said, “Today I am pleased to announce a collaborative event between the two games. The event will begin on February 7, the date on which you will see in action a dream team of Cloud and Wol! “. For more information about this partnership and the publication of STEAM, you can access complete interview with producer Kitase and project manager Naoki Hamaguchi on Square Enix’s blog for Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Cheats.

To celebrate the publication of MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY STEAM, users who install and will enter the PC version of the game will also have the chance to win a series of in-game items including the ability tickets (ability tickets), a prayer card (Summon ticket) and much more. The prizes will be determined by the number of times the web page of the launch campaign for Windows PC version of (SteamĀ®) MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY will be shared and will receive “Like” on social networks via the “Share” button on this page web. If the number of shares will reach the preset goal of 15,000, players will receive 10 tickets skills (Ability Tickets), the rare Growstar material and other great prizes. Visit the official campaign page for full details.

MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY can be downloaded for free from ‘ Apple App Store and Google Play Store and will be available on STEAM from February 6, the date will also be officially added two languages, French and German, for all platforms.

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