Mario Sports Superstars For Nintendo 3DS Review

Mario Sports Superstars For Nintendo 3DS Review

Mario Sports Superstars For Nintendo 3DS Review

The winter weather is slowly around, the sun gets more and more often and also our whims (partial) are better again. The perfect time to do sport breaks again. This is what the ladies and gentlemen at Nintendo have probably also noticed and publish today a game, with which you can, completely sweat-free, of course, to the subject. The speech is, of course, Mario Sports Superstars for the 3DS. Whether this is the right way to a sport filled with life and whether Mario’s excursion into the sports genre is something good, you can test here with us.

Let the games begin!

If we start Mario Sports Superstars for the first time, one thing is right: there are “only” five different sports. Baseball, football, tennis, horse riding and golf. This is in principle nothing bad, but should be mentioned, as the one or other possibly with a Minas-Collection à la Mario & Sonic at the Olympics . I first slipped into the football shoes. After a detailed tutorial, it went then also directly. Like Smash Football, I was able to put together my own team. In addition, I had the choice of many different characters from the Mario universe. Here it is still good to know that each character offers different advantages. Some are very fast, some very strong and so on and immediately.

Once you have completed the team selection, the game starts. This is really simple. We run with our players over a normal soccer field, steal the opponent’s ball and try to shoot as many goals as possible. The Superschuss is the, unfortunately, only interesting feature. With this one has the possibility to turn off the opposing goalkeeper briefly and then in his absence a goal to achieve. As with any other sport, you can also play football in tournament mode. Through the various tournaments, you can, among other things, unlock new playable characters.

Mario Sports Superstars – But only a “game collection”?

Especially in tournament mode, however, the bad AI of Mario Sports. Often you simply feel that the game wants to let us win, no matter how stupid we are. Unfortunately, this goes through each of the five sports. A nice change is offered by the multiplayer, which can create very nice and especially exciting matches.

Before I go through every single sport and write the same to everyone, I’d like to reduce this here. Each of the available sports has been broken down to a minimum and therefore not a single really long can hold. Even in the tournaments, every match of a sport is almost the same. Even in multiplayer, Mario Sports Superstars can not last long, although there is far more fun than in the singleplayer. The lack of play depth and the absence of motvation elements ultimately simply ensure that the air is too fast.


Oh man. I was really looking forward to the game because I always had a lot of fun with the Mario sports games. Here, however, the cart is driven to the wall. Mario Sports Superstars, offers for a real game collection, like Mario & Sonic at the Olympics, too little games and for a sports game, as concentrated on five sports too little draft in the individual sports.

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