Halo Wars 2 – Master Chief Is Not Alone To Have Fun

Halo Wars 2 review

With a universe as well developed and as thorough as that of Halo, the kind of strategy was all found for a spin-off of the famous Microsoft license. After a sympathetic episode on Xbox 360, the second opus just arrives, intends to align itself with the market of the current strategy and storm the PC in passing.

I did not play Halo Wars first name, to my regret. Getting to catch the scenario is a bit complicated if, in addition, we have never played in Halo. But do not panic, I take care of everything. Halo Wars presented the story of the Spirit of Fire, a proud UNSC building in the early days of the Covenant conflict. Captain James Cutter and his crew were being followed in this new, out-of-the-ordinary conflict, while fans of the first Halo already knew him well as being anchored. At the end of the script, the Spirit of Fire is lost in the subspace and drifts endlessly into the confines of the Milky Way.

Halo Wars 2 takes place 30 years later. A distress signal wakes up the crew of the Spirit of Fire from his hypersomil. The latter is then in orbit around the Ark, an important place already visited by the Master Chief in Halo 3. However, the world they knew has changed a lot, since the war has been over for a long time. However, fortunately Captain Cutter and his clique are in the vicinity, since a Covenant rebel group has taken possession of the Ark and seems to want to appropriate the technology of the Forerunners for a disastrous purpose. So unable to join the UNSC to prevent danger, the Spirit of Fire launches body and soul in a battle for the supremacy of the Ark.

Through well-scripted missions and cinematics that are at least quite eggy , we are immersed in the Halo universe in the best possible way: a company of UNSC soldiers just for us. In addition, the Spirit of Fire has an asset of choice, since it owns the Red Team: the last Spartan unit still fresh and ready to fight, almost as badass as Master Chief himself. All the scenario elements are more than mere winks, really bring a stone to the building of the diegoes Halo and this is felt. I am not a fan of pure juice, but I must confess that I have traveled the countryside with the pleasant surprise of finding it quite varied, accompanied by situations that are not repeated, missions with their own mechanics or Still bosses that will require coolness to be beaten (even if one does not reach the genius of a Starcraft II). Count twelve missions of 30 to 45 minutes to complete the campaign.

We will not lie, the first reserve we could have with Halo Wars 2 (especially on PC) is its grip. Playing a strategy game especially in real time to the controller is always a risky and complicated exercise. Either you end up with a game with limited functions and not very interesting because of the support chosen, or you keep a rich experience with the risk of missing fingers on the controller (Command & Conquer 64, if you hear me). With Halo Wars 2, Halo Wars 2 is able to navigate between two waters and combine simplicity and depth of play.

Halo Wars 2 is an all-classic RTS. But since it is a genre that is rare – especially in the general public – we will not say too much on this point. It is a game halfway between a StarCraft and a Dawn of War: you control a base and improve it by building buildings, unlock a technology tree as it develops and accelerate your evolution by gleaning The resource points on the map, forcing you to distribute your troops to ensure supremacy on the field before you can complete your opponent.

The choice of units is quite varied and wide, and offers some interesting and welcome tactical options. But overall, even if the game is played very well and is enjoyable, it takes absolutely no risk. From the management of the base, to the creation of units, up to the technological research, absolutely all the game mechanics have already been seen somewhere. The strategy of the stone-leaf-chisel is applied in its choice of units and everything rolls. Yes, we have all the emblematic units of the series under our orders. Yes, the game is pretty pretty. Yes, here are references to the universe Halo you want, here it is. Yes, the navy who complains that someone has put chelous stuff in his combi is very funny, but it is just a shame that such a consistent and refined production did not serve the genre itself.

Halo Wars 2

On PC, you feel the stigmata of a game deeply thought for the console, despite an effort felt. Besides the fact that it lacks the required tools for any good strategy game, such as tooltips helping to understand the mechanics and capacities of units, or a possibility to manage its base without leaving its army of eyes, the game suffers Of annoying bugs that are always linked to the PC interface: impossible to click on the mini-map, disappearance of the selection, a pathfinding with strawberries, etc. The options and menus can be a real ordeal and the game boasts of being able to remap all the actions of the game, the only action I wanted to change could not be. I also had to search for 3 minutes the key on which I had to press to show the objectives (it is F9).

A good point to note though: if you own an Xbox One, thanks to the Xbox Anywhere you can play on your PC or your console as you feel with the same game. The backups and progressions are even shared. The multiplayer mode is the image of the game itself: classic. Playable in 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3, one chooses his race between the UNSC and the Parias with the commander who will define your style of play through the special powers and the specialized units. Ensuring control of the map is paramount to develop faster and produce more than the opponent. Three modes of play are available between an annihilation mode, domination or bases, where you will need to control more bases than your opponent. And worse woilĂ  .

If the Terrans and the Covenants seem to be opposed in all, the two races are unfortunately too similar and all too often there are mere counterparts in the camp opposite, with a few exceptions. We know that in the Halo universe, potential belligerents adapted for a strategy game are not legion, but a distinction could have been more pronounced in their management or in their grasp.

But the mode of play that makes wet the panties of the marketeux, it is the mode Blitz which was in Demo Beta opened a few weeks ago. The Blitz mode is the acknowledgment that after the MOBA wave, Clash Royale is the future of the RTS and it’s cold in the back.

Sold as a fast-paced, no-brainer game mode, in the Blitz, you fight in a dominating mode to keep control of the terrain. The units you can call on the battlefield are offered as cards drawn from a deck created by you. It is up to you to create a balanced and / or specialized deck according to your style of play. Your cards cost energy and you will have to recover the drops at the four corners of the map before your opponent to satisfy a certain advantage and to have a reserve of ‘advanced. The mode is finally rather amusing when one takes the game and we try to constitute a deck that resembles us. But there is something to be discouraged when the opponent falls on the super unit which reverses the course of the fight.

Obviously, you unlock cards boosters to flesh out your collection. Add to this some exclusive cards to some of the commanders of one of the two races, and you’ll be a little bit of a hassle to have the card you’re interested in. Fortunately, the shop is there to cover you.

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