Fire Emblem Heroes: Our 10 Tips for Getting Started

Fire Emblem Heroes

A few days ago, Fire Emblem Heroes is available on smartphones and tablets. If you intend to embark on this great adventure, here are some tips that I would have liked to have given me from the start, and that would have saved me quite a lot of time!

Here are 10 tips that it would be good to consult before embarking on the great bath of this Tactical-RPG free-to-play. The game is certainly less complex than a classic Fire Emblem , but despite all, little tips will help you not to waste time and make the right choices and actions from the start. If you have tips to share with other players, of course do not hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

1. Link your Nintendo account

To have a nice gift, namely 10 Orbs gratos (and you will see that there is nothing more important than the Orbs in Fire emblem Heroes ), so it is important to link as soon as you can your account Nintendo ! When this is done, from the base, touch the fountain at the bottom right and go claim your precious.

In this way, you can also accumulate Nintendo points by completing the many daily and monthly quests of the game. These points can be exchanged later for objects that allow you to fill up stamina and combat emblems.

2. Log in every day

Whether you want to play or not, do not forget to launch the game every day, as this will bring you Orbs and sometimes other gifts. Note that there is even a weekend bonus , which is added to your daily lot on all Saturdays and Sundays. To claim your due, do not forget to go collecting your gifts by touching the owl from the menu HQ Note that the renewal of a day is taken into account every morning at 8:00.

3. Do not summon heroes before they have 20 Orbs!

In Fire Emblem Heroes , everything revolves more or less around the heroes you can invoke through Orbs. It is a lottery, so you will have more or less chance to take on the heavy … and this represents every time a little excitement in your heart of gamer! Except that you must keep a cool head: do not call a hero as soon as you have 5 Orbs, but wait until you have 20 in stock. Why ?

Because the tariff is degressive and that taking five heroes in succession will allow you to have one gratos (20 Orbs instead of 25 for a lot of 5 heroes):

1st Hero: 5 Orbs
2nd hero : 4 Orbs
3rd Hero : 4 Orbs
4th Hero : 4 Orbs
5th Hero : 3 Orbs

4. Quickly evolve your castle

Want to be smart and progress faster? So as soon as you have your first team of heroes, quickly invest your Orbs in improving your castle! The reason is simple: each level of improvement allows you to gain experience faster, with each time an additional 20% bonus. At the end of the 5 levels, you will have an XP gain of + 100%!

5. Choose your teams

In most modes of play, you will be able to see the composition of the enemy unit before you even start fighting. Take advantage of this advantage to constitute the right team, the one that will have the ascendancy over the enemy thanks to its composition. Clearly, if your enemy’s ranks have a lot of red, take a lot of blue with you, and so on.

In a more general way, think about knowing your characters and their specificities / powers. Some associations can change everything by creating great benefits. One will think of the skills of certain units such as Anna, which passively confers a boost of resistance to the adjacent allies on the battlefield.

Also, always have at least one character attacking with a distance box (magicians, archers, etc.), as this can always be used as a tactical advantage in combat.

Note that you can create 5 different teams in the “Allies” tab of the main menu. This allows you to juggle faster from battle to battle.

6. Unlimited Orbs

In the fire emblem heroes orbs is one of the most important resources. To get it infinitely every day, you can use the hack methods fromĀ

7. Observe your enemies on the battlefield

If the fights are very easy at the start and do not force you to think tactical, it changes quickly. One of the things that you will have to watch out for once the difficulty is raised is the opposing team. It begins even before the battlefield, as explained in the previous point, but it goes on even more importantly.

So know that you can touch an enemy to get different information. You will be able to see its zone of action. Manage your own movements by approaching him without entering his red zone, so you can have the initiative on the next turn.
Note that you can stay pressed on an enemy to lock its action zone, or display it overlaying that of another enemy. You will also notice that some units have natural advantages over others. For example, archers have the ascendancy on flying units and warriors equipped with “cuiracid” weapons have the advantage against armored units. These advantages are not explained by the trinity,

Finally, the “Hazard Zone” button at the bottom of the screen directly displays all the action zones of all enemies at once, which can also be useful.

8. Make quests and fights, full

You will naturally evolve in scenario mode, which is logical, but you will eventually trample and no longer progress if you are not interested in the other modes of the game “Combat”. So, do not hesitate to rinse the other modes to continue to gain levels .

The Training mode is ideal for evolving characters , gaining AP, but also a lot of objects that will be valuable to you to advance your characters in the “Allies” tab. In the need to have several teams composed of characters of similar levels, this mode Training, proposing several strata that unblock while progressing in the Scenario mode, is a place in which you have interest to spend time.

The “Arena” mode, which allows you to compete against teams of other players, will also win numerous feathers necessary for the progression of your characters, while the mode “Cards Special” will offer you every day new quests very Interesting, since they will allow you to win new heroes without having to use precious Orbs in the tab “Invoc.” These quests are limited in time and constantly renewed, so come back regularly so as not to miss good things …

Last thing not to be underestimated: the Quests . You will find them on the fountain at the bottom right of your HQ. Do not hesitate to fill them, as they offer good rewards like crystal chips, feathers and Orbs. Note that these quests are also limited in time, with biweekly (arena mode) quests, monthly (various challenges) and annual (related to Scenario mode) quests.

9. Use your AP and advance your characters

Once you have done some fighting and gained levels with some characters, these will have inflated their reserve of “PA”. It is very interesting to use the latter in the “Allies” / “Teach Aptitudes” tab . Your fighters will win new special moves, new combat features, and more. That will make a big difference on the battlefield. Also note the presence of an “Experience Gain” button, which allows you to quickly mount a character with your hard-earned badges. Convenient.

The “Advanced Training” tab will be very useful as soon as you reach a certain level. It allows you to merge the heroes you have in duplicate (put the weakest in “donor” and the strongest in “receiver”!) In order to recover additional APs, but also and above all to save ranks From stars to characters that have passed level 20. Your unit will revert to Level 1 but with higher base statistics. Very, very useful, as the more starred heroes are really stronger.

10. Favor the star teams!

You will not immediately have many heroes 4 or 5 stars, it is obvious … and you will necessarily climb a team with heroes to rank low. But after a while, you’ll have a few more 3 or 4 stars on your reserve, and you’ll hesitate to use them because your good old, less starred heroes of the beginning will have reached level 15, 20 or more. ..

Well change strategy as soon as possible!

Do not get trained in this leak forward! On the contrary: quickly raise a few 3 or 4 star heroes together, for example in Training mode. You will quickly catch up on the experience, and then integrate them together in a new team of killers, composed only of 3, 4 or 5 stars!

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