PlayStation VR Worlds Review 2017

PlayStation VR Worlds

PlayStation VR Worlds

Buyers of the PlayStation VR glasses have a hard time choosing one of the starting titles. Almost every well-known person plays with the idea, however, next to another main game atindest PlayStation VR Worlds zuzulegen, which is not only due to the different games for a good change, but also as a technology demo an insight into different VR experiences. Whether the investment of about 45 € for the game collection is worthwhile, I once examined closer.

Already in the main menu of PlayStation VR Worlds one is impressively received in an old building and can decide here for one of five games. Each of you creates a ball in front of your head, which can be interacted in a variety of ways. Pretty cool feature as I find, which I did not notice directly and some of my colleagues did not notice at all. Just hit the ball in the virtual room with your DualShock 4 controller and watch what happens. This is the first aha effect on the side of the game.

Ocean Descent

Ocean Descent is less a game than a VR experience. Locked in a cage, we are on the way as a deep-rounder and investigate the ocean for a rescue company. After seeing the beautiful coral reef and the countless fish, we suddenly saw a shark, which we barely escaped. The demo is pretty good and creates a good atmosphere, but the replay is small.

The London Heist

Qualitatively as playfully, The London Heist is the best demo in the collection. In a few chapters, we play a diamond screw in London with either the DualShock 4 controller or two move controllers (recommended!), Take part in heated fire fighting, escape on the highway before shooting enemies or smoke a boss with the cigar. The play is a great cinema, of which I would have liked a “full version” at the full price. I think specifically FPS will be really good in the coming years in the virtual reality. Nice Dreadabeabe: Different shooting ranges allow you to fire on different objects away from the story.

Danger Ball

Danger Ball is a kind of pong that controls your head. The concept you quickly internalized and the presentation is terrific. You can even hit the ball, give it a spin, or fling it at the enemy. Different types of opponents and game modes (such as tournament, fast game or point-offensive, in which certain points must be scored) create different challenges. Unfortunately, long-term motivation is relatively low. At least a Versus mode with online friends would have been the least. Unfortunately, only the AI ​​game is possible.

VR Luge

In VR Luge, we take part in an illegal road race on a wheeled carriage that runs along the roads on a total of four tracks, avoiding obstacles such as vehicles. Really fun is not that, however, because the control works often against you and the immersion is despite old-fashioned graphics quite high. Here, motion-sickness can come quickly, which means nausea in the clear line.

In addition to The London Heist, I liked the presentation and value of Scavengers Odyssey best. In the body of an alien you are looking for an artifact in the vastness of space and be trapped in a spaceship Mech hybrid with your own AI, who will talk to you during the campaign and navigate you through the levels. On your journey, you will be dealing with insect-shaped monsters, which you will master with your pre-assembled laser guns. A catch hook can be used to remove all kinds of things, or to hurl them at attackers. Without gravity, you often stand on your head, run along walls or jumps with your nozzles from asteroid to asteroid, which means that you will notice at the same time negative side effects in your head, Which are increasingly part of the gameplay as the campaign progresses. So I was bad in Scavengers Odyssey after a certain time, although the game itself seems very intuitive and high-quality. The story is interesting in terms of storytelling, although even these six chapters, like in The London Heist, do not provide for several hours of fun and end relatively quickly.

Finally, you can say that PlayStation VR Worlds is certainly worth 45 euros, since the playback value and the sum of content are simply too small. However, it is still the best way to immerse yourself in various VR experiences for the money of a full-price game, to make them experience your friends and family as much as you like, and to learn for yourself what games work for your own head And which do not. If you have problems with Scavengers Odyssey, you need to play more with the PlayStation VR glasses and practice them daily to keep your brain on the experience, or to admit that such games are not for you Games like War Robots Cheats

PlayStation VR Worlds is ultimately a pretty high-quality demo with which you can get an insight into the future and be curious about what it provides for us. If you come for under 30 € to the software bundle, I tell you my clear purchase recommendation. Alone The London Heist should have experienced as a VR glasses owner.

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Mario Sports Superstars For Nintendo 3DS Review

Mario Sports Superstars For Nintendo 3DS Review

Mario Sports Superstars For Nintendo 3DS Review

The winter weather is slowly around, the sun gets more and more often and also our whims (partial) are better again. The perfect time to do sport breaks again. This is what the ladies and gentlemen at Nintendo have probably also noticed and publish today a game, with which you can, completely sweat-free, of course, to the subject. The speech is, of course, Mario Sports Superstars for the 3DS. Whether this is the right way to a sport filled with life and whether Mario’s excursion into the sports genre is something good, you can test here with us.

Let the games begin!

If we start Mario Sports Superstars for the first time, one thing is right: there are “only” five different sports. Baseball, football, tennis, horse riding and golf. This is in principle nothing bad, but should be mentioned, as the one or other possibly with a Minas-Collection à la Mario & Sonic at the Olympics . I first slipped into the football shoes. After a detailed tutorial, it went then also directly. Like Smash Football, I was able to put together my own team. In addition, I had the choice of many different characters from the Mario universe. Here it is still good to know that each character offers different advantages. Some are very fast, some very strong and so on and immediately.

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Halo Wars 2 – Master Chief Is Not Alone To Have Fun

Halo Wars 2 review

With a universe as well developed and as thorough as that of Halo, the kind of strategy was all found for a spin-off of the famous Microsoft license. After a sympathetic episode on Xbox 360, the second opus just arrives, intends to align itself with the market of the current strategy and storm the PC in passing.

I did not play Halo Wars first name, to my regret. Getting to catch the scenario is a bit complicated if, in addition, we have never played in Halo. But do not panic, I take care of everything. Halo Wars presented the story of the Spirit of Fire, a proud UNSC building in the early days of the Covenant conflict. Captain James Cutter and his crew were being followed in this new, out-of-the-ordinary conflict, while fans of the first Halo already knew him well as being anchored. At the end of the script, the Spirit of Fire is lost in the subspace and drifts endlessly into the confines of the Milky Way.

Halo Wars 2 takes place 30 years later. A distress signal wakes up the crew of the Spirit of Fire from his hypersomil. The latter is then in orbit around the Ark, an important place already visited by the Master Chief in Halo 3. However, the world they knew has changed a lot, since the war has been over for a long time. However, fortunately Captain Cutter and his clique are in the vicinity, since a Covenant rebel group has taken possession of the Ark and seems to want to appropriate the technology of the Forerunners for a disastrous purpose. So unable to join the UNSC to prevent danger, the Spirit of Fire launches body and soul in a battle for the supremacy of the Ark.

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Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders Reviews

Sky Gamblers Storm Raiders Reviews

You remember “Pappy Boyington”? No ? Ha, maybe you’re too young to remember you as music, generic, and its contents. No, I will not sing you (although I have a tenor Roberto Ragnagna to) all that inspires me, but I can tell you a little story. Well, it takes on a used but good PQ sheet. Basically this happens during the Second World War in the Pacific Ocean side, who had, at the time, never as bad to its name, and has as its central theme the air battles between US forces as well Japanese. I watched an episode recently. This has very little aged, but keeps a small likeable side say about battles. Who has not dreamed of driving one of these old cars flying? Who has not wanted to take the destiny of the famous Red Baron? Not you ? Not even a little ? Come on, tell me “yes” or I swear not to write this test! Ah, there it is better … So as you enjoy the aerial battles, nothing beats a game that treats her way. Anyway, this is what we propose the Games Atypical studio with their first game on Android, Sky Gamblers: Strom Raiders.


A big play with big WIG craft that pull in all directions with noise everywhere, and water below. That’s what Sky Gamblers, if I wanted to summarize in a few words. But it would be a shame not to take advantage of this invitation to travel in time. For, even if it is not an adventure game itself, it is nevertheless true that he seems to possess, under her wings, a lot of assets to speak submachine guns. Enough to get laid?

After the slight abstract begun during the introduction, fans of the genre will not read the rest, and they will have somewhere right. For Sky Gamblers is above all a flight game, all in 3D. A beautiful flight game like Playstore knows a little.

The scenario is simple. For this sentence, I mean especially that there is not one, but so what, since we are dealing with an action game, sprinkled with simulation, but an action game first. We only know that it happens during the Second World War. Even if it feels a little bombed early in the game, we quickly takes its brands through a tutorial rather well, which tells you how to handle your vehicle.

The latter will respond to the finger and the eye, the touch, to my astonishment and my delight, and the accelerometer blend perfectly with the handling of your aircraft in the sky. The first maneuvers will be difficult, certainly, but it quickly takes the shot, the arcade side of the beast literally taking precedence over the simulation side. A disadvantage ? Possible for those who love the pure simulation. They clearly spend their paths. But for others, the broom handle has really done joy stick office.

Sky Gamblers offers that really fits in the classic. In fact, what really remains its effect of total immersion printing. We do not play, it is in the camera. When an air battle begins, you feel involved. It is a joy when an opponent is liquid. A bit like World of Tank but further because in much faster. Your reflexes will be put to the test. Nevertheless, every success is rewarding, and that, it is priceless. Especially since the developers have released a globally finite thought and play.

Both say right away, the realization is quality. Or very good in some aspects. It is true that in recent times, I took with me (easily) with each stroke a studio left side optimization. Rightly, I sincerely believe. So I asked myself this simple question, a graphically aesthetic game may still run on older hardware?

Because it should be noted, even if you understood, that the game is graphically very nice, and even more than that. The aircraft are well modeled, the water is perfectly rendered, realistic animations. Only a slightly coarser textures are a little task, but it’s really looking more closely that one realizes. In action, and there are many, difficult to see these few imperfections. Nevertheless, everything is done to make the experience complete. And, frankly, it succeeded, total immersion. The fun guaranteed.

He is indeed much by the realization that diverse. Of course, it is not steeped in originality, but the key is there: classic mission mode, PvP mode, training mode. From classic but the damn good. PvP is irretrievably think World Of Tanks, more nervous, it stands to reason given the difference of gear, but also in less tactical. The mission mode is a little more elaborate but still too stuck to the domain of “I’m a pretext to sway the artillery in the face of the opposite WIG craft.” Perhaps it would, despite a great number of campaigns, writing a more structured and more historical. But it really is one of the few points on which we can criticize Sky Gamblers, because even the optimization point of view, it perfectly holds up and does not let you in the sky.

Tested on my usual 4 supports (Asus Memo Pad HD7, Hp Slate 7 +, Asus TF103, Samsung S4), each with a different configuration and the less powerful, Sky Gamblers just did suffer, and yet, the first of lot, the less powerful. Indeed, I noticed some slight slowdowns at times, but nothing too bad. Nothing that can upset you in any case. And that, frankly, we can only congratulate the studios Atypical Games for this success as studios, more known, have failed what is not called an achievement, but rather a “moindredeschosesage”.

Available at very low price of 0.89 euros, Sky Gamblers is a pleasant surprise, as if after all unloaded, found in his pocket last few balls. But beware, here point stray bullets, but the ball while short enough to give you bananas. Enjoying a great achievement, no major defect, gameplay and maneuverability entirely honorable fact, it is an excellent game. What are you wasting your time in the best way possible. What do you hover time of a few hours and without any illegal substance. A happiness that is priceless. Finally, if a small price as mentioned. Of course, Sky Gamblers is not without flaws, but these (some texture defects, reduced intake history, etc …) are so small that they could appear as non-existent in the eyes of some. And, frankly, we wrong not to give them only because the Atypical studio Games has struck a blow for his first on Android, hoping sincerely that their upcoming productions are of the same ilk, otherwise developers we will drown in the Pacific ocean, swinging from a plane. Without a parachute, of course.

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CSR Racing 2: Effective arcade racing game

csr racing 2

csr racing 2

Games race are numerous on iOS and Android and the franchise CSR Racing meeting a resounding success with the players. NaturalMotion and Zynga does not intend to stop there way and offer to swallow kilometers of asphalt in a new title, simply titled CSR Racing 2. So far from what is usually done in the world of racing games, CSR Racing 2 is distinguished not only by its side view, but also by its orders kept to a minimum. So each race takes place in two stages: it is first of all to manage the throttle to achieve a good start, and then focus on the gearbox, and pass the various reports the best moments.

You’ll understand that the player has no control over the direction of the car, each race besides being a simple straight line where the speed overrides everything else . As such, it is vital to equip all cars that we have a nitro system to activate at the right moment. This allows, if properly used, take precedence over the opponent pilot during this short duel. For it is another specificity of this game, each race lasts no longer than fifteen seconds. Accordingly, parties are proving very dynamic, especially when the slightest error in commands is mostly synonymous with defeat.

To overcome the toughest opponents, CSR Racing 2 proposes to drive fifty vehicles officially licensed and divided into different classes. Lovers of fast cars in their account will have to drive a Lamborghini Huracan, an Audi R8 V10 or an Aston Martin Vanquish. However, it will take his troubles patiently and start driving less prestigious cars to prove himself and save enough. Indeed, the vehicle prices is very high and it is only after long hours of game that we finally managed to make small pleasures at the dealership.

In addition, the game is primarily a free to play and plenty of attractive vehicles are acquired in exchange for gold. Then how to get gold whit csr racing 2 hack?, currencies available through in-app purchases. If daily quests allow to obtain, it is done only very small doses and it is hard to imagine one day owning 800 or 1,600 parts requested for some sedans. The challenge is not to get tired before they could expand its fleet, especially as we are regularly forced to spend our money in improvements to progress through the adventure.

About these improvements, it is possible to change up to five times a number of parts of the vehicle: engine, turbocharger, air supply, chassis, tires, gearbox and nitro. Once all the improvements to the maximum, we must be content to juggle the few coins collected over the race and granting small extra bonus. In addition, the game has the merit of proposing a large number of customization options in order to have an almost unique car . Paint, wheels, calipers, inside and even the license plate can thus be modified at reasonable amounts. With all this content, the game is the envy to go regularly to the garage to make small changes to be fully satisfied.

Due minimalist controls CSR Racing 2, the result of the race depends very little on our driving skills. Simply tap the screen when the meter passes the needle in the green zone to achieve a perfect departure or shift. If this control in some parts, the difficulty appears at the wheel of the most powerful cars, mainly because of the green area which is reduced considerably. Still, our chances are nonexistent facing a driver whose car is more powerful. The only solution is to go to the workshop to make some improvements before retrying the experience and hope to win. However, when the two race cars have substantially equivalent statistics, the difference may be at balancing.

This feature greatly enhances the gameplay by offering us, for example, to focus better acceleration adhesion. After each balancing a table full of statistics indicates the potential gains or losses of performance. All is revealed very well managed and an ideal setting can often make the difference. In order to leverage the performance of cars that are available, the game features many modes: classic races, gang battle classified or are scheduled. The difference lies not only in the duration of the race, but also the rewards that can be more or less important. But do not expect favor the most prestigious cups, the increasing difficulty of the game requires to regularly by all modes to raise enough money to purchase more efficient vehicles and improve. Finally, the multiplayer races can confront other drivers in real time, not without some excitement . Because in this mode, all shots are allowed and it is not uncommon to beat a stronger opponent if his part pilot error, that the AI does not allow.

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Review And News

Deus Ex Mankind Divided

Deus Ex Mankind Divided

August 23, 2011 out Deus Ex: Human Revolution , more than eleven long years after the first episode, released at the time only on PC. Designed as a prequel to the original story, Human Revolution was pleasantly surprised everyone including the critics who feared the coming of a new Invisible War . That came time for another game, a true sequel to Human Revolution , which always plays the role of prequel to the first Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

We are in 2029 and your past actions have, in the end, nothing changed. Worse, augmented humans are treated as pariahs and outcasts. The oppression of increased, your peers, has created a climate of fear and bitterness, producing numerous violence worldwide. While you are trying to learn more, an attack occurs, perpetuated by a terrorist organization which you know very little about. At the heart of all this chaos, some are trying to pull strings and manipulate you, the sole purpose of controlling the future of all humanity.

After working for Sarif Industries, Adam Jensen is this time an undercover agent working for the Task Force 29, a special force Interpol that aims to combat the increased terrorist. Similarly, you are linked to a group of hackers named Juggernaut Collective, who tries everything to make their freedom to all increased Earth humans.

It is in a heavy atmosphere as we move throughout this Deus Ex: Divided Mankind . The people you meet, including normal humans, you fear. Police meanwhile, heavily prevalent and is not in lace. Recalling the dark days of our history, the game plays heavily on this poisonous atmosphere to offer us to evolve in a city of Prague to false air of Paris under the yoke of the German army.

For proof of this strange atmosphere, you will be specifically asked to take specific queues at increased and take the subway through the city in a special car for your fellowmen. If you do not, expect to be constantly monitored by the police, which in addition often forget to be kind. Eidos Montreal teams offer us so, again, a plot and a very interesting scenario, cleverly written and enjoyable to follow. The problem is that history is reflected gradually sucked into the gameplay , diluted in the side quests and our wanderings in the world of titre.On then tend to forget that we must also focus on adventure main.

But Mankind Divided only remains one of the few titles to rely heavily on its environment and its history, even the time to mix brushes to time. Adam Jensen is he still as charismatic. The reluctant hero of Human Revolution quickly takes over and it is with with undisguised glee that the interpreter again. Always as flexible and easy to learn, Mankind Divided has the intelligence to offer players control three choices: those specifically designed for the game, those inherent in Human Revolution, and finally those of SPF used. However, we recommend you to go to those in Human Revolution if you want to quickly resume your brands.

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