Fire Emblem Heroes: Our 10 Tips for Getting Started

Fire Emblem Heroes

A few days ago, Fire Emblem Heroes is available on smartphones and tablets. If you intend to embark on this great adventure, here are some tips that I would have liked to have given me from the start, and that would have saved me quite a lot of time!

Here are 10 tips that it would be good to consult before embarking on the great bath of this Tactical-RPG free-to-play. The game is certainly less complex than a classic Fire Emblem , but despite all, little tips will help you not to waste time and make the right choices and actions from the start. If you have tips to share with other players, of course do not hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

1. Link your Nintendo account

To have a nice gift, namely 10 Orbs gratos (and you will see that there is nothing more important than the Orbs in Fire emblem Heroes ), so it is important to link as soon as you can your account Nintendo ! When this is done, from the base, touch the fountain at the bottom right and go claim your precious.

In this way, you can also accumulate Nintendo points by completing the many daily and monthly quests of the game. These points can be exchanged later for objects that allow you to fill up stamina and combat emblems.

2. Log in every day

Whether you want to play or not, do not forget to launch the game every day, as this will bring you Orbs and sometimes other gifts. Note that there is even a weekend bonus , which is added to your daily lot on all Saturdays and Sundays. To claim your due, do not forget to go collecting your gifts by touching the owl from the menu HQ Note that the renewal of a day is taken into account every morning at 8:00.

3. Do not summon heroes before they have 20 Orbs!

In Fire Emblem Heroes , everything revolves more or less around the heroes you can invoke through Orbs. It is a lottery, so you will have more or less chance to take on the heavy … and this represents every time a little excitement in your heart of gamer! Except that you must keep a cool head: do not call a hero as soon as you have 5 Orbs, but wait until you have 20 in stock. Why ?

Because the tariff is degressive and that taking five heroes in succession will allow you to have one gratos (20 Orbs instead of 25 for a lot of 5 heroes):

1st Hero: 5 Orbs
2nd hero : 4 Orbs
3rd Hero : 4 Orbs
4th Hero : 4 Orbs
5th Hero : 3 Orbs

4. Quickly evolve your castle

Want to be smart and progress faster? So as soon as you have your first team of heroes, quickly invest your Orbs in improving your castle! The reason is simple: each level of improvement allows you to gain experience faster, with each time an additional 20% bonus. At the end of the 5 levels, you will have an XP gain of + 100%!

5. Choose your teams

In most modes of play, you will be able to see the composition of the enemy unit before you even start fighting. Take advantage of this advantage to constitute the right team, the one that will have the ascendancy over the enemy thanks to its composition. Clearly, if your enemy’s ranks have a lot of red, take a lot of blue with you, and so on.

In a more general way, think about knowing your characters and their specificities / powers. Some associations can change everything by creating great benefits. One will think of the skills of certain units such as Anna, which passively confers a boost of resistance to the adjacent allies on the battlefield.

Also, always have at least one character attacking with a distance box (magicians, archers, etc.), as this can always be used as a tactical advantage in combat.

Note that you can create 5 different teams in the “Allies” tab of the main menu. This allows you to juggle faster from battle to battle.

6. Unlimited Orbs

In the fire emblem heroes orbs is one of the most important resources. To get it infinitely every day, you can use the hack methods from

7. Observe your enemies on the battlefield

If the fights are very easy at the start and do not force you to think tactical, it changes quickly. One of the things that you will have to watch out for once the difficulty is raised is the opposing team. It begins even before the battlefield, as explained in the previous point, but it goes on even more importantly.

So know that you can touch an enemy to get different information. You will be able to see its zone of action. Manage your own movements by approaching him without entering his red zone, so you can have the initiative on the next turn.
Note that you can stay pressed on an enemy to lock its action zone, or display it overlaying that of another enemy. You will also notice that some units have natural advantages over others. For example, archers have the ascendancy on flying units and warriors equipped with “cuiracid” weapons have the advantage against armored units. These advantages are not explained by the trinity,

Finally, the “Hazard Zone” button at the bottom of the screen directly displays all the action zones of all enemies at once, which can also be useful.

8. Make quests and fights, full

You will naturally evolve in scenario mode, which is logical, but you will eventually trample and no longer progress if you are not interested in the other modes of the game “Combat”. So, do not hesitate to rinse the other modes to continue to gain levels .

The Training mode is ideal for evolving characters , gaining AP, but also a lot of objects that will be valuable to you to advance your characters in the “Allies” tab. In the need to have several teams composed of characters of similar levels, this mode Training, proposing several strata that unblock while progressing in the Scenario mode, is a place in which you have interest to spend time.

The “Arena” mode, which allows you to compete against teams of other players, will also win numerous feathers necessary for the progression of your characters, while the mode “Cards Special” will offer you every day new quests very Interesting, since they will allow you to win new heroes without having to use precious Orbs in the tab “Invoc.” These quests are limited in time and constantly renewed, so come back regularly so as not to miss good things …

Last thing not to be underestimated: the Quests . You will find them on the fountain at the bottom right of your HQ. Do not hesitate to fill them, as they offer good rewards like crystal chips, feathers and Orbs. Note that these quests are also limited in time, with biweekly (arena mode) quests, monthly (various challenges) and annual (related to Scenario mode) quests.

9. Use your AP and advance your characters

Once you have done some fighting and gained levels with some characters, these will have inflated their reserve of “PA”. It is very interesting to use the latter in the “Allies” / “Teach Aptitudes” tab . Your fighters will win new special moves, new combat features, and more. That will make a big difference on the battlefield. Also note the presence of an “Experience Gain” button, which allows you to quickly mount a character with your hard-earned badges. Convenient.

The “Advanced Training” tab will be very useful as soon as you reach a certain level. It allows you to merge the heroes you have in duplicate (put the weakest in “donor” and the strongest in “receiver”!) In order to recover additional APs, but also and above all to save ranks From stars to characters that have passed level 20. Your unit will revert to Level 1 but with higher base statistics. Very, very useful, as the more starred heroes are really stronger.

10. Favor the star teams!

You will not immediately have many heroes 4 or 5 stars, it is obvious … and you will necessarily climb a team with heroes to rank low. But after a while, you’ll have a few more 3 or 4 stars on your reserve, and you’ll hesitate to use them because your good old, less starred heroes of the beginning will have reached level 15, 20 or more. ..

Well change strategy as soon as possible!

Do not get trained in this leak forward! On the contrary: quickly raise a few 3 or 4 star heroes together, for example in Training mode. You will quickly catch up on the experience, and then integrate them together in a new team of killers, composed only of 3, 4 or 5 stars!

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Mobius Final Fantasy revealed the release date on PC

Mobius Final Fantasy

The Japanese publisher of the series Final Fantasy has decided to get on computers title released last year RPG for mobile devices. The main story starring Wol , the fighter in the service of the Light, that according to the prophecy will fight against the forces of evil to free their world from darkness.

The official announcement, following in their entirety, presents the new version of the game that will soon be made available through the platform of Valve Corporation. Also anticipates an extraordinary event that will involve the highly anticipated remake of Final Fantasy VII.

Square Enix Ltd. announced today that MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY, the critically acclaimed adventure role-playing game for mobile device, will arrive on STEAM next month, specifically on February 6. MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY , already available on the mobile devices, is an adventure role-completely new with an exciting history, splendid graphics, the ability to completely customize the characters and sophisticated battle system turn based RPG style. The version for STEAM will be in full HD (1920 x 1080) and will adapt to different screen sizes, bringing the excitement of frantic battles on the big screen allowing players to have fun with even richer gaming experience.

In addition, on February 7 will also start a special event in collaboration with the highly anticipated FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE. About the collaboration, Yoshinori Kitase (producer of MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY and FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE ) said, “Today I am pleased to announce a collaborative event between the two games. The event will begin on February 7, the date on which you will see in action a dream team of Cloud and Wol! “. For more information about this partnership and the publication of STEAM, you can access complete interview with producer Kitase and project manager Naoki Hamaguchi on Square Enix’s blog for Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Cheats.

To celebrate the publication of MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY STEAM, users who install and will enter the PC version of the game will also have the chance to win a series of in-game items including the ability tickets (ability tickets), a prayer card (Summon ticket) and much more. The prizes will be determined by the number of times the web page of the launch campaign for Windows PC version of (Steam®) MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY will be shared and will receive “Like” on social networks via the “Share” button on this page web. If the number of shares will reach the preset goal of 15,000, players will receive 10 tickets skills (Ability Tickets), the rare Growstar material and other great prizes. Visit the official campaign page for full details.

MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY can be downloaded for free from ‘ Apple App Store and Google Play Store and will be available on STEAM from February 6, the date will also be officially added two languages, French and German, for all platforms.

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PlayStation VR Worlds Review 2017

PlayStation VR Worlds

PlayStation VR Worlds

Buyers of the PlayStation VR glasses have a hard time choosing one of the starting titles. Almost every well-known person plays with the idea, however, next to another main game atindest PlayStation VR Worlds zuzulegen, which is not only due to the different games for a good change, but also as a technology demo an insight into different VR experiences. Whether the investment of about 45 € for the game collection is worthwhile, I once examined closer.

Already in the main menu of PlayStation VR Worlds one is impressively received in an old building and can decide here for one of five games. Each of you creates a ball in front of your head, which can be interacted in a variety of ways. Pretty cool feature as I find, which I did not notice directly and some of my colleagues did not notice at all. Just hit the ball in the virtual room with your DualShock 4 controller and watch what happens. This is the first aha effect on the side of the game.

Ocean Descent

Ocean Descent is less a game than a VR experience. Locked in a cage, we are on the way as a deep-rounder and investigate the ocean for a rescue company. After seeing the beautiful coral reef and the countless fish, we suddenly saw a shark, which we barely escaped. The demo is pretty good and creates a good atmosphere, but the replay is small.

The London Heist

Qualitatively as playfully, The London Heist is the best demo in the collection. In a few chapters, we play a diamond screw in London with either the DualShock 4 controller or two move controllers (recommended!), Take part in heated fire fighting, escape on the highway before shooting enemies or smoke a boss with the cigar. The play is a great cinema, of which I would have liked a “full version” at the full price. I think specifically FPS will be really good in the coming years in the virtual reality. Nice Dreadabeabe: Different shooting ranges allow you to fire on different objects away from the story.

Danger Ball

Danger Ball is a kind of pong that controls your head. The concept you quickly internalized and the presentation is terrific. You can even hit the ball, give it a spin, or fling it at the enemy. Different types of opponents and game modes (such as tournament, fast game or point-offensive, in which certain points must be scored) create different challenges. Unfortunately, long-term motivation is relatively low. At least a Versus mode with online friends would have been the least. Unfortunately, only the AI ​​game is possible.

VR Luge

In VR Luge, we take part in an illegal road race on a wheeled carriage that runs along the roads on a total of four tracks, avoiding obstacles such as vehicles. Really fun is not that, however, because the control works often against you and the immersion is despite old-fashioned graphics quite high. Here, motion-sickness can come quickly, which means nausea in the clear line.

In addition to The London Heist, I liked the presentation and value of Scavengers Odyssey best. In the body of an alien you are looking for an artifact in the vastness of space and be trapped in a spaceship Mech hybrid with your own AI, who will talk to you during the campaign and navigate you through the levels. On your journey, you will be dealing with insect-shaped monsters, which you will master with your pre-assembled laser guns. A catch hook can be used to remove all kinds of things, or to hurl them at attackers. Without gravity, you often stand on your head, run along walls or jumps with your nozzles from asteroid to asteroid, which means that you will notice at the same time negative side effects in your head, Which are increasingly part of the gameplay as the campaign progresses. So I was bad in Scavengers Odyssey after a certain time, although the game itself seems very intuitive and high-quality. The story is interesting in terms of storytelling, although even these six chapters, like in The London Heist, do not provide for several hours of fun and end relatively quickly.

Finally, you can say that PlayStation VR Worlds is certainly worth 45 euros, since the playback value and the sum of content are simply too small. However, it is still the best way to immerse yourself in various VR experiences for the money of a full-price game, to make them experience your friends and family as much as you like, and to learn for yourself what games work for your own head And which do not. If you have problems with Scavengers Odyssey, you need to play more with the PlayStation VR glasses and practice them daily to keep your brain on the experience, or to admit that such games are not for you Games like War Robots Cheats

PlayStation VR Worlds is ultimately a pretty high-quality demo with which you can get an insight into the future and be curious about what it provides for us. If you come for under 30 € to the software bundle, I tell you my clear purchase recommendation. Alone The London Heist should have experienced as a VR glasses owner.

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Mario Sports Superstars For Nintendo 3DS Review

Mario Sports Superstars For Nintendo 3DS Review

Mario Sports Superstars For Nintendo 3DS Review

The winter weather is slowly around, the sun gets more and more often and also our whims (partial) are better again. The perfect time to do sport breaks again. This is what the ladies and gentlemen at Nintendo have probably also noticed and publish today a game, with which you can, completely sweat-free, of course, to the subject. The speech is, of course, Mario Sports Superstars for the 3DS. Whether this is the right way to a sport filled with life and whether Mario’s excursion into the sports genre is something good, you can test here with us.

Let the games begin!

If we start Mario Sports Superstars for the first time, one thing is right: there are “only” five different sports. Baseball, football, tennis, horse riding and golf. This is in principle nothing bad, but should be mentioned, as the one or other possibly with a Minas-Collection à la Mario & Sonic at the Olympics . I first slipped into the football shoes. After a detailed tutorial, it went then also directly. Like Smash Football, I was able to put together my own team. In addition, I had the choice of many different characters from the Mario universe. Here it is still good to know that each character offers different advantages. Some are very fast, some very strong and so on and immediately.

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DC Legends: New Games From Warner Bros

DC Legends cheats

DC Legends cheats

At Comic-Con in New York, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has announced that DC Legends , a free strategic RPG for mobile devices where the superheroes and supervillains of the most emblematic DC appear, will be available in November for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices Android. To celebrate the 75th anniversary of Wonder Woman, WBIE will give the character of Wonder Woman who is preregistrerà starting today on the official website of the game and download the app at launch. In DC Legends the player will have to drive larger DC champions to victory in the final RPG populated by all the superheroes and supervillains DC most beloved of all time. He will join Superman, Batman, Joker, Wonder Woman and many others to fight against Nekron and decide the fate of the universe. Forming teams super strong and destroying the legion of superheroes and supervillains fallen Nekron, the player will unlock and enhance their skills to make them legendary!

DC Legends cheats you have to drive the larger DC champions to victory in the roleplaying game populated by all the superheroes and supervillains DC. Will you join with Superman, Batman, Joker, Wonder Woman and many others to beat you against Nekron and decide the fate of the universe. Forming teams super strong and destroying the legion of superheroes and supervillains fallen Nekron, unlock and potenzierete your skills until they become legendary.

DC Legends the player will have to drive larger DC champions to victory in the roleplaying game populated by all the superheroes and supervillains most beloved of all time. He will join Superman, Batman, Joker, Wonder Woman and many others to fight against Nekron and decide the fate of the universe. Forming teams super powerful and destroying the legion of superheroes and supervillains fallen Nekron, the player will unlock and enhance their skills until they become legendary.

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All you need to know about the new Pokémon GO update

Pokémon GO update

Pokémon GO update

It’s been a long time since the last update Pokémon GO: the title of Niantic was slowly slipped into oblivion, but the company has never had any intention of giving a title by billionaires gains. For this reason, and because of the immense amount of available, Pokemon GO material will be updated in the next few days (within the week, according to Niantic) to carry out all devices Pokémon of Generation II, in addition to new berries and new objects, in addition to possible mechanical of modified game.

Are you ready to find out all the details of next update of GO Pokémon?

New Pokémon, new items and separate sexes

Much was said about Pokémon GO : it was a very bad example implementation of augmented reality, who was not a complex combat mechanics and therefore were reduced to a simple swipe-and-click or it was not sufficiently attractive for the very limited presence of introduced Pokémon .

During the previous winter holidays the company that manages the development, Niantic, had introduced 9 Pokémon Baby (under-Pokemon evolutions already available in the game) and now, with the next update to be held in the coming days (according to the timing branched the company itself), will be joined by all the other 80 Pokémon . Despite the fact II Generation Pokémon contained 100 new creatures , it should be remembered that in part have already been introduced always through the baby Pokémon and in part will be exclusive to the official tournaments , where users can get their hands on Legendary Pokémon.

And speaking of fights and gameplay, Pokémon GO will introduce new tools to manage the evolution of their Pokémon and allow it to more effectively resist fighting and special moves: not only then, the Pokémon will be distinguishable by sex , but special stones will be placed within Pokéstop to allow a rapid and immediate evolution (and therefore it is assumed it will be very rare or perhaps limited to species of Pokémon). The same evolution of the button was modified to allow immediately the subsequent evolution of a certain Pokémon.

The Pokémon GO update will also launch new berries : the Nanab Berries , which will slow down the movements of Pokémon to facilitate the capture, and Pinap Berries which will double the number of Pokémon Candies where the catch is successful to be used in case of meetings with particularly rare Pokémon. All will be purchased by the Pokémon Store. Finally, the customization of the avatar will be taken to extremes , with new pants, hats, T-shirts and more.

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Turbo League: Rocket League mobile version

Turbo League

Turbo League

Turbo League is a special football game in which players are the vehicles and is offered by Zero Four. Matches take place in three multiplayer against three real-time and you have to play the ball by hitting it with the vehicle you drive trying to win the game. The title is cross platform and provides the user with an editor to create decals to be applied to “players”, and you can customize your car with futuristic wheels and vinyl and strengthen them with turbo rockets, nitro and so on.

However, the copy operation has so many nuances, so many layers to do even envy the highest ever conceived millefeuille. There are those who borrows a few ideas, whoever replication and adapts, and then, only then, there are those who copy for chapter and verse much of the work: this is the case of Turbo League Hack.

The game is very similar to Rocket League and integrates a global chat with personal messages with which you can chat and invite for a game players all over the world. Turbo League is available for Android for free, supported by advertising and in-app purchases ads optional and requires the permissions for access to the device and app history, identity, contacts, camera, microphone, information about Wi-Fi, photo, multimedia and file elements. Below you will find the trailer and the badge to download the game from the Play Store.

Developed by Zero Four , the title in question is clearly inspired by Rocket League , one of the great successes of the independent scene consoles and PC. For those not familiar at all, it is a football game in which players control a car.

The ingredients to break through without much effort are many: vehicle personalization, global chat, multiplayer real-time and monetization model free-to-play supported by in-app purchases . We just have to leave you in the launch trailer company, wishing you good fun.

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Magic Rush Heroes Hack Tool: The Best Way To Get Diamond

Magic rush heroes hack

Magic rush heroes hack android, as one type of game that is based on Android has many modes in the game. A variety of modes are demanding gamers to diligently done each day, so that more leverage in getting level in every game. Games that require the intelligence of the players gives a lot of fun and excitement in it. and to get this game certainly can be obtained by downloading the game on PlayStore which is Google’s digital store.

A wide variety of game modes possessed magic rush heroes this is quite a lot. so gamers are required to finish each day. What is clear in this adventure game play, you do not need to chase ngoyo level to reach the top level. In essence, when playing this game is that you diligently and eagerly awaiting the return time the game starts. Because in this game there is a reset clock that makes you have to wait to get back to playing mode of existing work. One way to get a game that many give effectiveness in the game, then you need to upgrade from everything you have evenly. The purpose for doing this is when you start working on Dugeon crystal mode, island crusade, campaign, ladder tourney with the upgrading of these modes you can play with the maximum.

In these modes, gamers are required to use all the hero that you have. Therefore we recommend to upgrade all the powers possessed hero evenly, so I can play these modes with ease. Thus an effective way of playing magic rush heroes hack for android which enables you to play this exciting game.


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The Best Puzzle Games For Android

Toy Blast

As we have seen in the past, the Google Play store is full of useful applications that can turn any Android device into a fellow overtime. But let’s face it: what would a smartphone without games?

So here I am, ready to alert you a few games for Android free simply unmissable. Whether you are a lover of platform or strategic games, puzzle game or action titles, there are dozens of games that are waiting to be downloaded. What are you waiting to start?

Puzzle Games

Let’s start this collection of games for Android free with some of the best puzzle game currently available on the Google Play Store. There’s something for everyone!

  • Juice Cubes – a fun puzzle game in which you have to blow up the fruits square by placing them next to each other. It includes more than 165 levels and allows you to challenge friends on Facebook.
  • Angry Birds Star Wars II – the legendary Angry Birds in its second variant dedicated to Star Wars. Over 30 playable characters. No need to say more.
  • Drluxe mahjong – a digital version of the old Chinese game contains 56 different layouts and 8 backgrounds to choose from.
  • Cut the rope – popular puzzle game for smartphones and tablets in which you have to drop a candy in the mouth of the protagonist (a nice frog) by cutting the ropes that hold it firm.
  • Pet Rescue Saga – a new puzzle game from the makers of Candy Crush Saga. The aim is to blow up the colored blocks by placing them next to each other and saving the puppies in the various levels.
  • Toy Blast – Toy blast is a puzzle game in android and iOS are very exciting. You are required to match two or more blocks of color that have the same color. In this game, the strategy is very important because to make it easier to solve puzzles available in each level. Here I teach you how to get free unlimited lives Toy Blast Cheats

Action / Strategy

Now we turn to a selection of games for Android free of action and strategic. If you love action, you will find bread for your teeth.

  • Plants Vs. Zombies – second chapter of the hit tower-defense where you have to sow the plants to defeat a horde of zombies approaching. Must try.
  • Zombie Frontier – a shooter with first person view when you have to face hordes of zombies. It includes a good 3D graphics and a wide range of weapons to choose from.
  • Castle Clash – very popular strategy title where you have to build an army of elves, dwarves, animals or robots and build their empire by conquering various cities.
  • Ninja Revenge – apprezzabilissimo side-scrolling game where you have to play as a ninja and “bake” all the enemies that you encounter along the way.
  • Bloody Harry – a fun 2D shooter with cartoony graphics and frenetic pace, when you have to deal with hordes of monsters having a waste of more than 15 weapons park
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Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders Reviews

Sky Gamblers Storm Raiders Reviews

You remember “Pappy Boyington”? No ? Ha, maybe you’re too young to remember you as music, generic, and its contents. No, I will not sing you (although I have a tenor Roberto Ragnagna to) all that inspires me, but I can tell you a little story. Well, it takes on a used but good PQ sheet. Basically this happens during the Second World War in the Pacific Ocean side, who had, at the time, never as bad to its name, and has as its central theme the air battles between US forces as well Japanese. I watched an episode recently. This has very little aged, but keeps a small likeable side say about battles. Who has not dreamed of driving one of these old cars flying? Who has not wanted to take the destiny of the famous Red Baron? Not you ? Not even a little ? Come on, tell me “yes” or I swear not to write this test! Ah, there it is better … So as you enjoy the aerial battles, nothing beats a game that treats her way. Anyway, this is what we propose the Games Atypical studio with their first game on Android, Sky Gamblers: Strom Raiders.


A big play with big WIG craft that pull in all directions with noise everywhere, and water below. That’s what Sky Gamblers, if I wanted to summarize in a few words. But it would be a shame not to take advantage of this invitation to travel in time. For, even if it is not an adventure game itself, it is nevertheless true that he seems to possess, under her wings, a lot of assets to speak submachine guns. Enough to get laid?

After the slight abstract begun during the introduction, fans of the genre will not read the rest, and they will have somewhere right. For Sky Gamblers is above all a flight game, all in 3D. A beautiful flight game like Playstore knows a little.

The scenario is simple. For this sentence, I mean especially that there is not one, but so what, since we are dealing with an action game, sprinkled with simulation, but an action game first. We only know that it happens during the Second World War. Even if it feels a little bombed early in the game, we quickly takes its brands through a tutorial rather well, which tells you how to handle your vehicle.

The latter will respond to the finger and the eye, the touch, to my astonishment and my delight, and the accelerometer blend perfectly with the handling of your aircraft in the sky. The first maneuvers will be difficult, certainly, but it quickly takes the shot, the arcade side of the beast literally taking precedence over the simulation side. A disadvantage ? Possible for those who love the pure simulation. They clearly spend their paths. But for others, the broom handle has really done joy stick office.

Sky Gamblers offers that really fits in the classic. In fact, what really remains its effect of total immersion printing. We do not play, it is in the camera. When an air battle begins, you feel involved. It is a joy when an opponent is liquid. A bit like World of Tank but further because in much faster. Your reflexes will be put to the test. Nevertheless, every success is rewarding, and that, it is priceless. Especially since the developers have released a globally finite thought and play.

Both say right away, the realization is quality. Or very good in some aspects. It is true that in recent times, I took with me (easily) with each stroke a studio left side optimization. Rightly, I sincerely believe. So I asked myself this simple question, a graphically aesthetic game may still run on older hardware?

Because it should be noted, even if you understood, that the game is graphically very nice, and even more than that. The aircraft are well modeled, the water is perfectly rendered, realistic animations. Only a slightly coarser textures are a little task, but it’s really looking more closely that one realizes. In action, and there are many, difficult to see these few imperfections. Nevertheless, everything is done to make the experience complete. And, frankly, it succeeded, total immersion. The fun guaranteed.

He is indeed much by the realization that diverse. Of course, it is not steeped in originality, but the key is there: classic mission mode, PvP mode, training mode. From classic but the damn good. PvP is irretrievably think World Of Tanks, more nervous, it stands to reason given the difference of gear, but also in less tactical. The mission mode is a little more elaborate but still too stuck to the domain of “I’m a pretext to sway the artillery in the face of the opposite WIG craft.” Perhaps it would, despite a great number of campaigns, writing a more structured and more historical. But it really is one of the few points on which we can criticize Sky Gamblers, because even the optimization point of view, it perfectly holds up and does not let you in the sky.

Tested on my usual 4 supports (Asus Memo Pad HD7, Hp Slate 7 +, Asus TF103, Samsung S4), each with a different configuration and the less powerful, Sky Gamblers just did suffer, and yet, the first of lot, the less powerful. Indeed, I noticed some slight slowdowns at times, but nothing too bad. Nothing that can upset you in any case. And that, frankly, we can only congratulate the studios Atypical Games for this success as studios, more known, have failed what is not called an achievement, but rather a “moindredeschosesage”.

Available at very low price of 0.89 euros, Sky Gamblers is a pleasant surprise, as if after all unloaded, found in his pocket last few balls. But beware, here point stray bullets, but the ball while short enough to give you bananas. Enjoying a great achievement, no major defect, gameplay and maneuverability entirely honorable fact, it is an excellent game. What are you wasting your time in the best way possible. What do you hover time of a few hours and without any illegal substance. A happiness that is priceless. Finally, if a small price as mentioned. Of course, Sky Gamblers is not without flaws, but these (some texture defects, reduced intake history, etc …) are so small that they could appear as non-existent in the eyes of some. And, frankly, we wrong not to give them only because the Atypical studio Games has struck a blow for his first on Android, hoping sincerely that their upcoming productions are of the same ilk, otherwise developers we will drown in the Pacific ocean, swinging from a plane. Without a parachute, of course.

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