All you need to know about the new Pokémon GO update

Pokémon GO update

Pokémon GO update

It’s been a long time since the last update Pokémon GO: the title of Niantic was slowly slipped into oblivion, but the company has never had any intention of giving a title by billionaires gains. For this reason, and because of the immense amount of available, Pokemon GO material will be updated in the next few days (within the week, according to Niantic) to carry out all devices Pokémon of Generation II, in addition to new berries and new objects, in addition to possible mechanical of modified game.

Are you ready to find out all the details of next update of GO Pokémon?

New Pokémon, new items and separate sexes

Much was said about Pokémon GO : it was a very bad example implementation of augmented reality, who was not a complex combat mechanics and therefore were reduced to a simple swipe-and-click or it was not sufficiently attractive for the very limited presence of introduced Pokémon .

During the previous winter holidays the company that manages the development, Niantic, had introduced 9 Pokémon Baby (under-Pokemon evolutions already available in the game) and now, with the next update to be held in the coming days (according to the timing branched the company itself), will be joined by all the other 80 Pokémon . Despite the fact II Generation Pokémon contained 100 new creatures , it should be remembered that in part have already been introduced always through the baby Pokémon and in part will be exclusive to the official tournaments , where users can get their hands on Legendary Pokémon.

And speaking of fights and gameplay, Pokémon GO will introduce new tools to manage the evolution of their Pokémon and allow it to more effectively resist fighting and special moves: not only then, the Pokémon will be distinguishable by sex , but special stones will be placed within Pokéstop to allow a rapid and immediate evolution (and therefore it is assumed it will be very rare or perhaps limited to species of Pokémon). The same evolution of the button was modified to allow immediately the subsequent evolution of a certain Pokémon.

The Pokémon GO update will also launch new berries : the Nanab Berries , which will slow down the movements of Pokémon to facilitate the capture, and Pinap Berries which will double the number of Pokémon Candies where the catch is successful to be used in case of meetings with particularly rare Pokémon. All will be purchased by the Pokémon Store. Finally, the customization of the avatar will be taken to extremes , with new pants, hats, T-shirts and more.

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